Know Resistance doesn’t hold back

Left to right: Jarin Oiley, Joey Monzon and Joshua Monzon

By Dalal Museitef |Staff Writer|

IMG_0876Local CSUSB band, Know Resistance shared their stories and took the stage in the underground venue in Riverside, Blood Orange.

The venue gave off an intimate atmosphere, with only a few steps down to the basement, where the band set up.

With limited space, Blood Orange still showed much of their characteristics by setting up their own library and mini artworks.

Dressed up as Bane, The Joker, and Scarecrow, brothers Joey and Joshua Monzon (vocalist and drummer) and bass guitarist Jarin Oiley rocked out to their collection of songs.

While the band stayed in character during the interview they admitted that the band is not their only aspiration.

Former writer for the Coyote Chronicle, Joey, is a Police Officer for the state of California, which explains his intimidating stance during our interview.

Changing his guitarist three different times, Joshua still strives to keep the band alive with his in-depth, personal hardships in songs like “Revenge,” where he sings;

IMG_0796 - Copy“They tell me that I’m a cool cat. Then they get a knife and stab me in the back. The fire in me is starting to rise. You are the kinda person I despise.”

Despite Oiley being, a full time student majoring in math, he has a special interest in the way the band composes.

“I like Know Resistance, they’re easy to listen to,” said Oiley.

“If I was asked to join another band, I wouldn’t,” he continued.

“Fight” is about continuing to fight through rough patches in your life.

“We’ve won and we have lost and we’ll suffer so much more…we will never stop, I fight for freedom, Fight for myself.”

Although, their music is harder to hear because of their loud instruments, Know Resistance, has the writing techniques that will grab your attention.

I highly recommend students to check them out at



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