Kinesiology professor accused of drug traffi cking

By Veronica Natal |Staff Writer|

Kinesiology Professor Steve Kinzey pleaded not guilty after allegedly being accused of leading the Devil’s Diciples motorcycle gang and drug trafficking according to The Huffington Post.

After all the issues surrounding Professor Kinzey, the question about his employment at CSUSB is raised.

“He’s on paid leave,” said Vice President of Public Affairs Sid Robinson.

An FBI investigation lead to an arrest warrant being issued for the professor after authorities found weapons and methamphetamine in his Highland home. After the raid, Kinzey posted a $300,000 bail bond which cleared his arrest warrant according to CBS News.

ABC News also reported that law enforcement officials have said that Kinzey had been “the target of a six-month narcotic and drug trafficking investigation.”

“We do not want cops in our club or events because we like to be free and stay that way,” states the Devil’s Diciples’ website. “We, for the most part; work regular jobs, many that are very dangerous and physical. Others are business owners, chefs, medical staff and others who do service work.”

Despite the negative attention on Kinzey at the moment, the majority of the comments on show him in a different light.

One comment states “I wish I could take all my classes with him!”.

“Great teacher I am using what he taught me at my current job,” said another student.

Current CSUSB students were interviewed to comment on the situation and like comments, nothing was said short of positive.

“He’s very positive and encouraging and acts more like a dad towards his students,” said Nick Young, senior and Kinesiology major here on campus. “Kinzey’s just a good guy.”

Sophomore and Kinesiology major, Jackeline Felix who did not have Kinzey as a professor still commented by saying, “He was my advisor for the SOAR freshman orientation and I actually said then I would want  him as my official advisor because he seemed so enthusiastic.”

“He was always willing to give his time from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m.,” said Senior Floyd Chavez. “I have nothing negative to say.”

“I have nothing negative to say about him, the only thing I knew about him was that he rode bikes,” said Dr. Collean Hinds, a fellow Kinesiology professor. “I also know all his classes for this quarter were dispersed among all the Kinesiology professors.”

Along with the findings in the professor’s Highland home, his live-in girlfriend along with six others was arrested under drug related charges.

Kinzey’s father also testified that he provided a portion for the $300,000 bond according to Southern California Public Radio.

A judge set a hearing to consider prosecutors’ request to raise Kinzey’s bond to $425,000 on October 27.

As far as Kinzey’s future employment here at CSUSB, Robinson’s simply states “We’re just letting the situation play out and will make appropriate decisions as needed.”

Although Professor Kinzey’s future of employment and conviction are unknown, students seem to have positive comments to say when they hear the name “Steve Kinzey”.


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