Keshad Adeniyi at Upland

By Misty Williams |Staff Writer|

Popular spoken word artist Ife Nira, also known as Keshad Adeniyi, was featured at a poetry event through Lion like Mind state in Upland, Calif. May 18.

The crowd was filled with fans anxiously waiting to hear his piercing metaphors.

Adeniyi grew up in Watts, Calif. and is now a spoken word artist and advocate for social justice.

He has performed all over the world, including our very own campus.

Adeniyi performed four poems: “Colors Got a Home,” “Still I Rise,” “Born on a Slave Ship” and “Keep Climbing.”

The crowd was moved with lines like “Where I’m from little boys and girls see privilege and dreaming… Dreams have become more like glass than brick walls.”

When Adeniyi spoke, the whole crowd was still and silent; you could see and feel his passion for the underserved community.

His stage presence was very demanding and made you want to hear what he had to say.

In Adeniyi’s poem “Keep Climbing,” he addressed political issues with lines like “Clinton just had an epiphany, he apologized for signing a bill that ultimately made these prisons our main housing facilities for black and brown boys.”

Here, the artist is referring to how many juvenile minorities are being imprisoned versus getting the help that they really need.

The Watts native stated that he started writing when his father was deported to Africa and his mother checked herself into a sober living home.

The artist usually creates his poetry when he is in an emotional and or vulnerable mood.

“When my mom left, mentally I was affected. I needed something to help me cope, so I picked up a pen. It became my medicine.. my therapy,” stated Adeniyi.

When a pen is in hand, he feels most inspired and able to produce his best work.

He feels as if he wants to solve the problem and vulnerable.

In regards to the show, Adeniyi said that he was nervous before performing, but he recognized that as a sign of him being ready.

In fact, he stated that when he’s not nervous, he is not on his “P’s and Q’s.”

Another performer who goes by Laisa stated, “I do not understand why he is so amazing!”

Overall, the artists at the event were all very skillful and talented.

The ambiance was cool and there were good drinks and good vibes.


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