Kendrick Lamar “DAMN.” album review

Photo By: Yesica Gonzalez Kendrick Lamar "Damn" Album

By Yesica Gonzalez lStaff Writer|

Hip-Hop artist Kendrick Lamar’s new album “DAMN.” was just released on Friday, April 14.

Lamar’s album was very different from other artists that usually focus on this type of field and I found it to be enjoyable.

“DAMN.” would most likely be suitable for young adults and any hip-hop lover out there.

The album has14 tracks that each have various ranges of beats and melody that distinguishes it from each other.

This is Lamar’s fourth hip-hop album and has been receiving various reviews from many online and magazine sources.

Online Magazine, Pitchfork, has rated a nine out of ten stars and has considered it  to be a “master storyteller.”

Matthew Trammell, a writer for the magazine, reviewed the album to state praises for it.

“A widespread masterpiece of rap, full of expensive beats, furious rhymes, and peerless storytelling about Kendrick’s destiny in America,” said Trammell.

Lamar has a few contributing artists on in the album such as Rihanna, Zacari and the rock band, U2.

Rolling Stone magazine has rated up to five out of five stars.

“Lamar’s gift is not just that he can say why he’s the best, but also that he articulate how this responsibility feels,” wrote Christopher R. Weingarten in his article review.

The album is focused on uprising political situations, self-examination and enthusiastic beats.

“Kendrick Lamar moves from uplift to beast mode on dazzling ‘DAMN.'” Weingarten continued.

Kendrick Lamar is a well-known hip-hop recording artist, song writer that was born in Compton, California.

He first started under the stage name K-Dot, where he produced only one mix tape that gained attention from the record label Top Dawg Entertainment. (TDE)

He started to bloom in success by 2010 after dropping his retail album “Overly Dedicated.”

Lamar has received countless awards over his long period of a career that includes seven Grammy Awards.

TIME magazine even named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2016.

The album’s lead single is “HUMBLE.” and was released on March 30.

This song is one of the best ones in the album that I believe has all the requirements that a great lead single should have.

Along with the music video that was produced for the song, it set the perfect scenes for the mood of it.

The music video was released on March 20 and has since then gotten more that 82 million views on Youtube.

This song debuted to the number two spot on the U.S. Billboard Hit 100 and has become to be one of Lamar’s top charting single.

A few songs on the album such as “ELEMENT.” is electric, with fast rhythm lyrics that can blow anyone’s mind.

One of the other best tracks is “DNA.” that produces a sense of flow in finding one’s self-identity.

I give this new album a good rating of four out of five stars due to the unique, upbeat harmony that distinguished from other hip-hop albums.

I would recommend this album to hip-hop fans and anyone that loves Kendrick Lamar.


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