Keeping Up With the ‘Yotes’

By Carolyn Solar |Staff Writer|


Nickelodeon Animations Fall 2016 Internships- Burbank, CA

Nickelodeon Animation Studio is seeking interns in 2D/CG Animation Production, Animation Development, Archive & Resource Library, Casting, Human Resources, Social & Connected Content, and Post Production.

Apply online with your resume and cover letter!

Paramount Pictures SUMMER 2016 Internships- Hollywood, CA

Paramount Pictures is seeking Junior and Senior level students in Marketing, Accounting, IT, Creative Affairs, Casting, Music, and other related categories.

The Paramount Pictures internship application is available online.

PBS documentary series POV Internships- National

PBS is seeking interns for the POV (Point of View) documentary series in fields of

To be considered for this position, fill out the application and submit a cover letter, resume, and writing sample.

Crossword puzzle

  1. This artist recently announced a new song with Rihanna titled “This Is What You Came For.” Calvin Harris
  2. What actress will be playing Alice Kingsleigh in the upcoming movie “Alice Through The Looking Glass?” Mia Wasikowska
  3. Beyonce’s Formation tour will feature this artist as the opening act. DJ Khaled
  4. Blink 182 released a brand new song from their upcoming album this week, called ___. Bored to Death
  5. ASI is putting on a spring quarter concert called____. Peak
  6. This song was number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week ending on 4/30/16. Panda
  7. This famous musician grew up in Fontana, CA. Travis Barker
  8. Grammy-nominated trumpeter appearing with the CSUSB Latin Jazz Ensemble at the Arts and Music Fest? Bobby Rodriguez
  9. This actress plays the character of Daenery’s Targaryen on Game of Thrones? Emilia Clarke
  10. This music artist recently got a tattoo of a planet on their forearm. Miley Cyrus

Poem of the Week:

Dear Shannon, 

By Allyson Jeffredo

We’re surrounded by phantoms,

forming and dissolving around corners

and in the sun’s beams and reflection

off the crisp surface of the lake.

We feel them, see them in pink sweaters

grasping their dog leashes and we pay

them no mind. A brief smile, maybe,

eyes down to the ground, sometimes a hello

or I’m sorry and forget, immediate like steps,

they also have lives—like yours filled with

pain and tired days from fibromyalgia

letting the breeze run its fingers across

your sensitive skin, the sun warms your

muscles a bit. We run into each other,

an array of pulling dogs like trying to keep

planets from a star, but we do it

and find each other later when you

give color to offset the usually dull paper

The Reverberations of Quiet

By Allyson Jeffredo

we’re playing with the baby when my grandma calls

to say her neighbor’s been taken in the ambulance

con las luces apagadas, the lavender haze of dusk coats

its white and red body as it creeps down Cairo St. At 85,

she would think the ambulance’s strict silence meant death

after her other neighbor passed from pneumonia

the night before, death struts through the neighborhood

with his voice low—west to east, the same sidewalk

we stepped from the corner store each month after cashing

my grandpa’s social security checks—over the phone’s static,

she thinks the baby is yelling, but the baby’s now really laughing

thinking my qué tristes aimed at my grandma are spoken to her

as she’s learning how to be a person & my grandma’s half-forgot

Only One

By Daiana Rodriguez 

You’re in a wedding dress

white dusted in time the


color in the frame

potted flowers

line the hall

tainted in the same dullness

tinting your expression.           All the other

pictures of a wedding day


to the disappearing act of a single



Hair limps around slim

shoulders, veil unfluffed

a disappointed aura.    I forget

who told you to take the picture, for memories

but the scowl on your face tells

this day is not

the one you wanted

to frame with a mantle.

You kept it

anyway, instead

of the dress with the ringed burn

on the corner of your train.


Did you try to press it with a flame

because it        reminded you

of what was lost? Not

pictures before alters,

or the exchanging of the vows,

I mean the future you coffined

into ground that winter

when your newborn grandchildren lost

a grand father. I’ll never know


the girl standing in that dress, just

like I’ll never meet the man

who was never part of my picture.




On Campus event:

The CSUSB Opera Theatre will premiere their rendition of Gaetano Donizetti’s comedic Italian opera, “Don Pasquale a La Tarantino,” on May 6 and 7, at 7:30 p.m. in the CSUSB Performing Arts Recital Hall.

The play, by Stacey Fraser will tie in themes from the Quentin Terentino movie, “Kill Bill.”

Tickets are available online for the students price of $8, and CSUSB alumni, faculty/staff, military and visiting colleagues will be offered the special rate of $12.

For more information, go to

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