Keep Gingrich out of presidential affairs

By Nic Gibbs |Staff Writer|

Newt Gingrich has recently announced he will in fact run for president in 2012 and if America wants to learn from his mistakes, he should not receive a single vote.

Gingrich’s history of unethical decisions is well documented.

He was the first speaker of the House to ever be disciplined because of ethical violations.

Not to mention he cheated on not one, but two of his three wives and had no trouble leading the charge to impeach President Bill Clinton for his affair while he was involved in an affair of his own.

Gingrich is quoted as saying, “There’s no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate”, according to an article in New York Magazine.

This is his explanation of two affairs? Patriotism?

If he had two affairs due to the passion he felt for our country while being speaker of the House, who knows how many affairs are in his future if he’s elected president.

I do, however, think Gingrich can and should run for president.

But if he is elected, and history undoubtedly repeats itself, Americans can only blame themselves.

The nation should learn from California.

California has not recently had the best track record for appointing officials who are  ethically sound.

The cities of Bell and Upland according articles published in the Los Angeles Times, have had multiple city officials who are facing charges that could land them in prison.

The recent news of the hidden child of former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger can now be added to this list.

The reality is that if voters did a little more homework on the people they are putting into office, many of these situations could have been avoided.

For the city of Upland, you did not need to do much research to smell something fishy. Instead of doing their own investigations of these city officials, voters elected, and then reelected individuals whose offices were later swarming with FBI agents.

I am not saying that all voters vote by choosing the name that sounds most familiar or that some politicians don’t deliberately deceive a population. I am saying that when the writing of a politicians past is so blatantly on the wall, as is the case with Gingrich, and there are so many easily recognizable red flags, why would America ever be willing to take a chance?

It would be great if Gingrich has really changed his ways and is now a different man.

The reality is, however, that his past precedes him and America is in too vulnerable of a place to  elect a man to represent our nation who has proven he will willingly lie, deceive, and, ultimately act in a way opposite of the character this country hopes to regain.

Rebuilding America starts with the voters recognizing that they hold the power to choose who leads us into the future.

A vote for Gingrich is a vote in the wrong direction.



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