Kassandra Marie Johnston is promoting communication students

By Daleth Quintanilla |Staff Writer|

photo 1Meet Kassandra Marie Johnston, full time student and president of the Public Relations Students Society of America (PRSSA).
Johnston is 20 years old and in her third year at CSUSB.
Johnston is majoring in health science with a concentration in health management and a minor in communications.
PRSSA helps promote communication students by offering weekly workshops that help develop self-branding and networking.
The workshops teach students to write cover letters and resumes as well as letters for sponsorship and donations.
They also teach the importance of social networking, and have several professional advisers throughout the quarter share their experiences and advice from working in a PR firm.
PRSSA also travels to other chapters for events that will help communication students network.
Last year, PRSSA traveled to San Jose, California where students were able to network with Adobe.
The cost of travel is not cheap, so PRSSA is involved with fundraisers, helping lower the cost of travel for students.
Johnston is a well-rounded student and although she is quite busy taking 16 or 17 units per quarter, she still finds time to do things for herself, her future, and things she loves that will prepare her for post-graduation in 2016.
Johnston also works in the housing department on campus and has been there for two years.
“I love living on campus and just enriching residents’ lives,” said Johnston.
In addition to working, school, and leading PRSSA, Johnston is on the debate team, has worked with the Institute of Public Strategies on the Sober Summer Project, has completed an internship with the American Heart Association and her latest venture is being apart of the Student Union Commercial Services Board.
“I really love school. I’ve kind of always been that nerd,” said Johnston.
photo 2 Her love of school, health, and community has shaped her aspirations.
“That’s what I’m about. It’s really more about the community and really promoting health, not necessarily retroactive health, but proactive health,” said Johnston.
After graduation, Johnston would love to work for a non-profit sector and sees herself working in a hospital on the business side.
Outside of school, she relaxes by hanging out with her twin, family and friends.
Whenever Johnston does come across some spare time, she likes to go to the movies, watch Netflix, and play Cards Against Humanity.
She is an adrenaline junkie with a gold membership pass to Six Flags and frequents as much as she can.
Most of what Johnston does involves school and although she hasn’t been able to travel as much as she’d like outside of California, she doesn’t limit herself to just staying in San Bernardino.
She goes to places like the beach and mountains to take her mind off of school and work.
As for next year, Johnston hopes to join her debate team in Idaho, but must be selected by her professor.
To determine who will be selected, Johnston’s professor will test them on many current events, ensuring they are knowledgeable enough to compete.
“I feel like debate is its own sport,” said Johnston. To achieve her goal of going to Idaho to debate, she listens to various news outlets, staying up to date.
For more information on joining PRSSA, visit SMSU 217 on Wednesdays at 4:30 P.M.



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