Journey Into Darkness

By: Salt and Pepper [Staff Writer]

Now, the doctor also offered me the choice of treatments to restore my skin color.  For 6 months or more, I would be given UVA light treatments and a topical cream.  I would need to come in for treatment three times a week.  Depending on my medical insurance, each visit would cost me anywhere between $60 to $180 dollars.  On the low end, it would cost me $720 per month. On the high end, the cost would be $2160 per month.  After hearing about the expensive costs for either treatment, I thought slowly turning into a white spotted woman was something I needed to start getting use to.

When it became clear to the doctor that she wasn’t getting a penny out of me, she told me of a Vitiligo study that she was conducting.  She told me, “If I wanted to participate, she would pay me.”

My first question was, “Are you turning me white or black?”  She said, “Black, but real black.”  I asked, “What do you mean real black?”  She said, “Dark, black.”  I asked, “Wesley Snipes or Denzel Washington?”  The doctor said, “Denzel Washington for sure, but could be Wesley Snipes.”  Then she started to laugh and said, “But you will eventually get your natural color back.”

I told her I would have to think about it.  After driving home from the doctor’s office, I said to myself, “Girl, why are you tripping?  You have an opportunity to get your natural skin color back, and get paid for it.  So, what’s the problem?”  I answered myself with a question and said, “Are you ready for this journey into darkness?”  I replied to myself, “Do it, and keep a journal. It will make a good story. Well, let the treatments begin!!!

Please come back next week for more of my journey into darkness.


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