Jimenez has open ears and mind

By Lindsey Martinovich |Staff Writer|

The newly elected Associated Students Inc. President Aaron Jimenez took time out of his busy schedule to sit down and discuss his upcoming presidency.

“I want to be a president that everyone can talk to.  If they have questions, concerns or feel like something is going wrong, I want to be approachable,” said Jimenez.

Jimenez feels the key to being a successful ASI president it being able to listen to the students.

He stressed the importance of knowing what the students want, what they don’t want, getting the answers and working from there.

In addition to being able to listen, Jimenez explained other key elements of being president is having the ability to talk to faculty and staff and being able to collaborate with other student leaders.

One of his main goals as president is not only to collaborate with other student leaders but to also collaborate with other departments on campus as a whole.

For example, ASI and program board working together on events; Jimenez believes he can and should be the middleman to communicate between the various departments.

“ASI is small, and we need to get bigger,” said Jimenez.  “Not a lot of students know what ASI does and everything that it provides.”

As president, Jimenez plans on changing that.

Jimenez feels that there needs to be more on campus because many students view CSUSB as unexciting in general.

“There has to be something to plug students into the campus and make them proud to be a Coyote,” said Jimenez.

He admitted that when choosing colleges, CSUSB was not his first choice, but once he came on campus and got involved in his fraternity and ASI, he gained an overwhelming sense of school spirit and pride.

In addition to being elected ASI president, Jimenez has recently been elected as president of his fraternity, Sigma Chi. He claimed that many have expressed concern by him adding so much on his plate for the upcoming year, but said, “I have been preparing for it and I know I can handle it.”

Jimenez said that the thought of being ASI president first crossed his mind when he visited CSUSB for his freshman orientation.

In the past three years at CSUSB, Jimenez has been on the finance committee and the Club Allocation Budget committee. He has represented the College of Business and Public Administration on the Board of Directors and was Vice President of Finance.

To say that Jimenez has experience and qualification for the position is an understatement.

Jimenez knows that there will be obstacles along the way but believes as long as there is a well-rounded board and good communication amongst the executive team they will be able to overcome any obstacle.

An inevitable obstacle ASI will face is budget cuts.

Jimenez said that a lot of programs have already been cut and acknowledge the fact that it is going to be hard to work with a tight budget.

However, Jimenez doesn’t seem too worried. “You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get school spirit. We should be focusing on the attendance of an event rather than the cost of an event,” said Jimenez.

Jimenez is extremely excited to begin his presidency July 1.



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