Jessica Rojo

By Elizabeth Piraino |Staff Writer|

Jessica Rojo is graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Sociology after four years at CSUSB.

Rojo is in the Social Service track and has a minor in Criminal Justice.

After graduation, Rojo plans on taking a year off and hopes to find a job as a Social Worker. She does not currently have a job but is working at an internship with a foster care agency.

Rojo plans on getting her master’s degree and wants to eventually work for Child Protection Services.

The best piece of advice Rojo received was to take 16 or more units per quarter and she credits that advice as the reason she was able to graduate in four years. Her favorite class was Family Violence in Sociology and she says that Dawn Howey was the best teacher she had.

Her advice to incoming freshmen is to stay in the dormitories, if you can.

Rojo believes that she had the most fun on campus her freshmen year, because of her experience of living in the dorms, stating, “You’ll have so much fun. Everyone is so friendly and you’ll make life-long friends.”

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