Jennifer Lopez to release new album

By Brittany Filippini |Staff Writer|

It’s been quite an interesting year for Jennifer Lopez.

The actress/pop sensation is re-establishing herself in the music world not only by being part of the television hit “American Idol”, but also by her upcoming seventh album.

Love?, which was released this Tuesday, is Lopez’s seventh album. She collaborates with some of music’s biggest names on this album, such as Pitbull and Lil Wayne.
According Jocelyn Vena for MTV News, not only has Lopez collaborated with some of music’s biggest names for some of her songs but she also had behind the scenes help with some of her music tracks from Lady Gaga and RedOne.
“I’m excited for everyone to hear all the album,” exclaimed Lopez, “I mean, they all express different moments in love and that’s what this album was about.”
Some of the tracks on her album, including “One Love,” talk about her previous relationships. She goes on describing them by singing, “It’s take three, could there be a part for me? Came and swept me off my feet, went nowhere but kept the ring, once again I’m lonely. Number four, he sang to me but I’m not sure, so worn out, but love just saw made me wanna try once more, and I couldn’t say no.”
The lyrics “Number four, he sang to me” alludes to her husband Marc Anthony, whose big hit was “You Sang to Me” in 2000.
Lopez began working on her album Love? three years ago, according to The Washington Post’s Allison Stewart.

Timing is also a key factor in how this album will succeed.

Now that Lopez is a judge on one of the biggest singing competition shows, her album is also being used to launch her back into the mainstream music world.
Her album consists of a lot of high-energy music, with all the songs having an electro-pop sound to them. Every song on her album has a beat you can dance to.

Currently her latest single “On the Floor”, which features Pitbull, is #7 on Billboard’s Hot 100 list.

If you’re looking for an album with extraordinary vocal talent and range, then this album is not for you. Also if you’re not a fan of Lopez’s vocals and you think she should just stick to acting, then you will not find her latest album a must-have.



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