“Jazz Combo”

By Destiny Carter |Staff Writer|

CSUSB’s Jazz combo regularly does various events on and off campus.

Anyone who is familiar with them knows them for their creative ways of performing.

They are known for their improvisations, creativity and arrangements, according to information on their website, music.csusb.edu.

The groups like to channel many themes, ranging from jazz, swing, Latin, funk, ballads to contemporary fusion styles.

The group is currently under the direction of Dr. Bob Knop, who currently performs with a jazz quartet and the Latin Jazz ensembles “Mambop” and is a professional saxophonist.

The jazz ensemble is made up of undergraduate students majoring in Music, Liberal Arts, Education, Business and English.

The ensembles met on the 25 in the Performing Arts Recital Hall to perform “Jazz Combo.”

The hall was half-filled with spectators, the stage was set with a piano, microphones, drums, speaker and the lights began to dim as the performance began.

“Los Logos” is the name of the undergraduate group made up of 14 musicians.

The ensemble played a total of six songs that evening with titles like “Simpre” and “Mass Blues.”

Soloist Matt Palmer is an alumni and still continues to perform with the group.

Palmer has been playing for around 14 years and he knows how to play several instruments besides the flute, including the guitar and the shakuhaci, a Japanese flute made of bamboo.

“The shakuhaci is difficult to learn, so I am teaching myself very slowly. I also wish I could learn the violin,” said Palmer.

Palmer’s family comes from a musical background, including his mother, uncle and grandparents.

“My mom and uncle sing. My grandfather was a choir director while my grandmother was a pianist,” added Palmer.

Palmer explained what he felt was his favorite memory thus far with the group.

“It was so bad. We were out of tune, everyone kept coming in at the wrong time, and it was just a mess,” explained Palmer.

After a 10 minute break and a set change, the alumni group of seven, known as “One In The Jar,” took the stage.

The group was started about two or three years ago. They hope to keep arts alive by performing at different venues around the Inland Empire.

The group played four songs that evening, two of them being original songs. They have several songs on their website that can be previewed.

They encouraged audience members to join if they have a passion for music and arts.

If you would like more information on “One In The Jar,”  you can visit their website at oneinthejar.com. or visit their FaceBook page.

“Los Logos” meet regularly here on campus on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Anyone interested in auditioning is welcomed to do so. 

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