Israeli and Palestinian conflicts

Shane Burrell |Sports Editor|


The world has witnessed in the past few days deadly acts of retaliation in the regions of the Gaza Strip and Israel.

The Gaza Strip lies on the coast of Mediterranean Sea bordering Israel and Egypt mainly inhabited by Palestinians.

This region has suffered causalities from rocket impacts launched by Israel.


Reported from KPCC’s Morning Edition broadcasted by NPR:

  • Causalities in Gaza have risen to 172 with many more injured.
  • The current retaliations is the result of tensions heightened when three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped while hitch hiking home crossing the West Bank after school and later found murdered.
  • After the accusations of the kidnapping of the Israeli teenagers was blamed on Hamas, Israeli militant groups had rushed the West Bank, flooding the area between Israel and the Gaza Strip. At the same time Palestinians were grieving a boy found murdered in a mosque.
  • According to news reports, Palestiniain residents rioted in Jerusalem, although they had quickly subsided with explosions of rockets fired from Gaza.
  • About 600 Palestinians with passports from countries such as Canada, the United States, England, France and such other countries are being sent out of the country due to the hostility.

According to BBC News reports:

  • Hamas fired more than 300 rockets into Israel, although many of the rockets had be intercepted due to the Israeli missile detection program called IRON.
  • Although the attacks on Israel from Gaza should have gained traction in hostility, the Israeli government wanted to make a cease fire. This would give time for both states to discuss how to handle the tensions overcoming both states.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on American talk shows Sunday, July 13, stating that the Israeli armies are, “prepared for any possibility.”
  • The United Nations have also came to the agreement with Israel for a cease fire against Hamaz, after a bombing on a residents disability home in Gaza after Israeli troops tried to kill Police Chief Tayseer al-Batsh. 

A New York Times article by 

  • The Prime Minister wants to return to the cease fire that was made in Nov. 2012, making a 19 month halt in fire between both states.
  • Although Abdallah al-Frangi, the Fatah official appointed governor of Gaza, has more to say about the cease fire. He stated that Israel is asking for the help from the American government, and the Americans can do what they want but ,”Netanyahu doesn’t want to negotiate with the Palestinians and doesn’t want a Palestinian state next door.”
  • When Frangi was asked if the Gaza would stop firing against Israel, he mentioned that he would be sure that they would stop if and when the hostility coming from Israel would stop.
  • Fire between Israel and Gaza is still at large and has become more and more dangerous, Palestinians have decided to take refuge in other countries.

An analysis of various news reports of Israeli–Hamas brings a greater awareness to the current conflict. As diverse as we all are, understanding the Israeli Hamas conflict gives some understanding of some our students that come from or have ties to this region, as well as brings our student body great awareness of this issue.


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