Intramural Sports

By Ashlynne Macan |Staff Writer|

This year our Recreational Center hosts a variety of Intramural sports for you to enjoy.

Intramural Sports is a fun program offered by the Rec Center completely free for all CSUSB students and Student Recreation and Fitness Center members.

If you have ever played sports before and want to enhance your skills you can join as a free agent, or if you and your friends are just looking in to trying something new, Intramurals offers a variety of different sports for you to enjoy.

In a press release, Rec Center coordinators said, “We are dedicated to providing our participants enjoyable, innovative and safe activities for all skill levels and interests.”

Recently you may have seen the Intramurals booth located at Late Night With Rec Sports, or if you went inside you were able to preview what sports were offered, as well as what the facility itself had to offer.

This year Intramurals is definitely hoping to host more tournaments during the day and on the weekends.

“Since this is a commuter campus, we are trying to find more ways to [cater] to those students who do not commute and go home on the weekends, ” said Richard Dorado who works for Intramural Sports at the Rec Center.

The Women’s Indoor Soccer league is relatively new and will be hosting tournaments as well to offer women a chance to enjoy in the competitiveness.

They want to host more tournaments for people to compete in and introduce more students to as a way to stay fit, enjoy time with friends, and most importantly, have fun.

When it comes to students, Intramurals biggest draw are 5-on-5 Basketball and Men’s and Women’s Indoor Soccer.

Basketball usually has a minimum of 15 teams filled with a number of seven or more people.

Indoor Soccer also has about 15 teams filled with four people on each team, and Volleyball has about 12 teams and are created with four to six people per team. 

During the Fall 2011 quarter, the sports that will be offered for your enjoyment is Coed volleyball on Monday and Tuesday nights, 5-on-5 basketball Wednesday and Thursday nights, Women’s indoor soccer late Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday afternoons and early evenings, and Saturday afternoons, Men’s indoor soccer, Wednesday afternoons and early evenings and Saturday afternoons, Tennis on Friday afternoons, flag football on Saturday afternoons, and outdoor soccer on late Sunday afternoons.

If you would like to sign up for any of the sports you can go to or walk-in to the Rec Center and simply sign up at the registration desk. Registration has already started and ends Oct. 7,2011.

Teams fill up fast so early sign ups are encouraged. League play begins Oct. 10, and ends Nov. 13.

If you are a free agent, there will be meetings hosted Oct. 5 and Oct. 6 at 4:30p.m. or 5p.m. so stop by the Rec Center open Monday through Thursday 6a.m. to 12a.m., Friday 6a.m. to 10p.m., Saturday 8a.m. to 6p.m., and Sunday 8a.m. to 10p.m., if you have any questions contact them at (909) 537-5237.


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