Intramural basketball

By Emmanuel Valadez |Staff Writer|

Team Nike, Redeem Team, and Sac Kings are the only undefeated teams in the intramural basketball league.

There are currently 14 different teams playing in the league.

The basketball league games are hosted in the Coussoullis Arena on Monday nights from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m.

During week one of regular season play team Nike beat team Blue Thunder.

Chris Perez scored 24 points while making six shots from three-point range.

Thomas Monteon and Donavan Tolbert scored a combined 28 points which helped contribute to team Nike’s victory over team Blue Thunder.

In the Redeem Team’s victory over Power Circle, DJ Shumpert scored an impressive 19 points while aggressively crashing the boards with 13 rebounds.

Robert Murillo had a great game as well, scoring a team-high of 21 points.

Team Power Circle’s Justin Agustine scored a team-high of 17 points.

Canthoy Olivar also scored in double digits with 11 points.

Sac Kings defeated Sig Ep Nation with the help of Mark Esho and Sal Khatib, who scored a combined total of 34 points.

Kendall McGraw was the top scorer for Sig Ep Nation with 14 points.

Pedro Navarro and Cory Heggenbeger both individually scored nine points.

As of February 5th, the top three teams in league are the Redeem Team, Sac Kings, and FA2/Nike with undefeated records at 2-0.

Week three will begin on Feb. 10th.

For more team and player statistics, go to, where you can also see the weekly game schedule and team standings.



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