International soccer players

Megan Todd
Megan Todd

Megan Todd

By Gregory Gammill |Staff Writer|

A diverse group of players from the men and women soccer teams all have different backgrounds, share similarities, differences and advice for future students.

The difference in lifestyle has changed for some, coming from other countries. Players Luca Falcone and Megan Todd are both relatively new to the states.

Falcone is a forward on the men’s team and comes from Sydney, Australia. He came to the states in 2015 at the age of 21 to play soccer for the Coyotes.

Falcone is graduating this December with a degree in psychology. He hopes to pursue a master’s degree in sports psychology to do research in that particular field. He is hoping to coach as well.

Todd plays midfield and comes from Norwich, England. She arrived in the U.S. when she was 17 and began her Coyote career in 2015.

Todd graduates this December with a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science. After graduation, she plans to stay in the U.S. to coach/teach soccer.

The difference in cultures between the three countries can vary, but there are several similar aspects as well.

“Both are English speaking, first world countries, Australia is very ‘Americanized’ through pop culture,” said Falcone.

“Speaking the same language is a big similarity, both countries are passionate about sports, everyone is proud of where they come from,” continued Todd.

The differences between these students may vary, based on their own assumptions by being in California.

“Cultures are prominent here in the U.S, particularly. Where I live there is more of a European influence versus the Latino culture found in SoCal,” said Falcone.

The difference between the U.S. and other countries is a bit different from what we assume.

“Americans are friendlier than English people, They like to help out others all the time and will happily start conversations with people they don’t know,” said Todd.

Making a transition to a new area that isn’t familiar can be scary, but our athletes had some helpful advice.

“Be open-minded to meeting new people and being in a new culture. Enjoy the experience and appreciate the opportunity you have,” Todd said.

“Know exactly what you want before you come to America, set funds aside for a car and come with an open mind to take in a new culture,” said Falcone.

The similarities, differences and advice given to students on campus the insight needed to visit different countries. 

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