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144By Geraldine Carrillo |Staff Writer|

Our society, probably too caught up in how the next season of “Love & Hip-hop,” is never concerned about important news pieces hidden behind close doors.

European Scientific Journal concludes 9/11 was a controlled demolition, yet we are more concerned about Kim Kardashian getting robbed at a hotel.

We, are in a culture where celebrity news is becoming as, or maybe more important than daily news. TMZ’s site, reaches over 27 million viewers, While CBS’s news reaches mere 4.7 million people monthly in the U.S

The U.S stands strong with almost 76 percent of views according to the Quantcast website. People are far more interested in watching celebrity gossip and are less interested in factual and eventful news.

“I love celebrity news, it’s really interesting talking to people or my friends about what is going on with celebs nowadays,” said student Jennifer Zamora.

People have lost the ability to talk about anything but what the media presents to their face—causing an outcast vibe to those whom are not up to date with the current gossip.

“It’s more of a guilty pleasure that I can’t get rid of,” continued Zamora.

“I will say, though, that watching or searching for celebrity news is time consuming and yet when I know I should be using that time to walk my dog or do my homework,” continued Zamora.

Some may see it as leisure time but celebrity news is indeed a waste of time. Knowledge is not obtained in any shape or form through gossip stories in the media; in some cases, they are not even credible or real.

The media presents celebrity news as important events, allowing viewers to believe it is indeed an important subject of matter when it is not.

“I think celebrity news is important because it’s a way to entertain ourselves, and get away from the real world news. Real world news is always about death and negative impacts,” said student Angel Escobedo.

Reality TV shows promote a way of living that is upscale, yet they are full of staged relationships and arguments.

It seems that people are confusing TV shows with life, or at least trying to implement unimportant trends and popularity to the real world.

For instance, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” is one of the most popular reality TV shows that keep people entertained and wanting to be more and more like the Kardashians themselves.

“Kylie Jenner made people want big lips because she got hers done with lip injections called ‘fillers.’ It was like a major news event that was popular all over TV and celebrity newspapers,” said student Leslie Escorcia.

This trend caused mischief for women due to the idea of beauty changing with women having fuller lips, leaving many girls with the desire to look like a celebrity.

“I think that was so ridiculous, now you see girls getting their lips injected like it’s a normal thing,” continued Escorcia.

Celebrities are creating trends that are being implemented into our daily lives.

Whether some people consider celebrity news just a form of entertainment, we are all guilty of being interested in it

It is a form of guilty pleasure that gets us caught up in our daily lives but we allow it to weave our lives, making it a “reality show” world.

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