Info Tech wins big at convention

By Katherine Henley |Staff Writer|

CSUSB students take the win in the computer forensics category at an Information Technology competition for first place and a $1,000 cash prize!

The 15th annual Information Technology Competition was held at Cal Poly Pomona on April 16, 2011 with competitors from all around the Southern California region such as UCLA, Cal State Northridge and UC Irvine.

“This competition is very challenging and requires technical and policy skills,” said Tony Coulson, CSUSB professor and a team coach, according to

Cal Poly Pomona entertained three teams from CSUSB for the competition. All of which competed in the Business Systems Analysis and Computer Forensics categories of the event, according to, the teams were “sponsored by the university’s Information Assurance and Security Management Center and Information and Decision Sciences Department.”

The CSUSB team that took first-place in the computer forensics category used “elements of law, policy and specialized tools for a computer forensics investigation,” according to The San Bernardino Sun.

“Without a doubt computer forensics is definitely a permanent part of our future. As long as people use computers and other technology related items to commit crimes we need people to solve these cases,” said student Steve Wilson.

After indicating the type of crime that was determined by using the skills and tools needed to catch the potential suspects computer activity evidence, it was presented to a panel of judges that are experts in the Info Tech field.

“I think that it is amazing that we have such intelligent people on this campus as our classmates, I would never be able to do that with computers or any other kind of technology,” said student Kandyce Hall.

Not only did the CSUSB forensics team take first place in the Info Tech category, the CSUSB Business Systems Analysis team took second place, along with another Information Technology team taking third in their specific categories.

“Our teams performed extremely well,” said Walt Stewart, a CSUSB professor of computer forensics. “When the judges asked if our students had worked in the law or forensics profession, I knew they had fully demonstrated their abilities,” according to CSUSB Public Affairs.

Members of the team that placed first in the competition included Ajay Sharma, Alfredo “Freddy” Gonzales and Michelle Behne,  The winning team members will divide a $1,000 cash prize.

“These types of competitions are a great experience and give us the ability to apply what we have learned in a real world environment,” said Behne.

For further information about the Information Technology competition and the program feel free to visit the department’s website.



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