Indie Folk Band “That Art Thou” explodes on the scene


By Megan Davis |Copy Editor|

In the past few years Indie folk bands have exploded on the music scene. But now there is a new group on the scene who is steadily gaining a large fan base and hopes to join the ranks of their indie folk icons.

That Art Thou is an indie folk band from Riverside. The band joined together in 2010 and is comprised of college students all with extensive musical backgrounds.

The band is led by vocalist/guitarist Jaron Paschke and is backed by lead guitar Michael Perez as well as drummer/backup vocalist and CSUSB student Jake Reece.

While the band has only been together for a few years, every one of its members has an impressive musical history.

Paschke, now 20, has been singing and playing guitar since he was 12 years old. Additionally, he is the lyricist for the band, coming up with their innovative and creative songs.

Perez has been playing guitar for about ten years now and is proficient on the piano as well, having been familiarized with that for about 17 years.

Reece has been no stranger to the drums for his entire life. His father, also a drum enthusiast, taught him to play when he was just nine years old.

Reece went on to perfect his skills with Martin Luther King High School’s drum line throughout his entire high school career and has also become an instructor for drum line at a local high school in addition to playing with That Art Thou.

When asked where the original name for the band “That Art Thou” came from, Paschke revealed that it was actually a concept taken from a college world religions course where the class focused on Hinduism.

The particular meaning for the phrase means to look within one’s self and be identifiable with ultimate reality. While none of the band members are particularly religious they have revealed that they all grew up in Christian households and many of their songs have religious references, including their songs “Without Me Around” and “Devil”.

When asked what the bands hopes and goals were for themselves they were quite straightforward.
Paschke stated, “If I could spend my life playing music for a living I would be totally fine with that”. Guitarist Perez agreed but also stated, “It doesn’t have to be big.”

We enjoy playing and we enjoy doing it even just for ourselves.” Reece agreed wholeheartedly, stating that, “Even if we only ever play for smaller venues, it has been amazing to share these experiences with our fans.”
That Art Thou claims to be motivated by their greatest inspiration City and Colour, the recording alias for Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green.

I myself have been to a handful of their shows and in addition to sounding great live, it was amazing to see their devoted fans standing in the audience singing along to the songs that they have memorized from coming to their shows at the local venues.

In response to their dedicated fans and supportive friends the band in unison said “Thank you!”
“It means the world to us to see these people come out to these small venues and support us and our music,” said Reece.

So what can you expect from That Art Thou? Apart from the amazing musical capabilities, relatable songs and swoon -worthy vocals the band has a sense of authenticity and maturity that is hard to find in just any band.

These guys sing and play their hearts out and by the end of the first song you feel like you have formed a real connection with them.

That Art Thou is currently booking shows for the upcoming months and their schedule is available on their Facebook page in addition to seven of their songs off their album To Say the Least.

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