Inconsistent play torments Coyotes

By Aaron Hughes |Staff Writer|

Men’s soccer can’t find their rhythm.

The Coyotes have been unable to win two games in a row this entire season.

The combination of bad luck and inexperience have contributed to the team’s problems.

“I feel that we’re better than what our results have shown but we’ve been unlucky,” said Coach Noah Kooiman. “There have been numerous games where there has been an unfortunate sequence and we’ve been punished.”

In past seasons, the Coyotes had been able to work through difficult periods and were able to rally back. That hasn’t been the case this year.

Kooiman saw the resiliency that it took to succeed through some of the struggles they had last season. While this team has been resilient, the positive results have not been there.

The bad luck coupled with the lack of experience have contributed to the teams losing record.

“We’re a very youthful team from midfield up and I think that’s the issue,” said Kooiman. “Our guys are still learning the system and are learning how tough our conference is.”

Assistant coach Tony Vigil agreed.

“We’re not short on talent but that lack of experience has made a huge impact, more than what we anticipated,” said Vigil. “Some players who have gone from co-stars to the main event have found that to be a challenge.”

The Coyotes play a 4-3-3 formation, which consists of four defenders, three midfielders and three attackers. The system has struggled to produce goals for the Coyotes.

“You have players that are natural at putting the ball in the back of the net and we’ve lacked that this year,” said Vigil.

The Coyotes are creating chances to score but have struggled to finish the plays with a goal.

“We’ve outplayed a lot of the teams we’ve played but haven’t been able to find that final touch to score.” said Vigil. “We’re getting into the right spots but its literally not getting the final touch.”

The team’s inconsistency has prevented the team from going on a winning run, something that could have definitely changed their season.

“We haven’t been able to get any momentum,” said Coach Kooiman. “If we could’ve won back to back games things would have snow balled from there. Things could have been very different.”

Despite them not reaching their goals in conference play this season, Kooiman remains focused on the remaining matches.

“I doubt we’ll be able to make it to the conference tournament just doing the math,” said Kooiman. “We still have 12 points up for grabs and on paper that would get us out of the basement in our conference.”

The Coyotes have lost nine of 13 games this season that have been decided by a single goal or ended in a tie. The small margin of victory gives Kooiman some optimism for improvement and their ability to win their remaining games.


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