Immersed in the rummage

By Elizabeth Taylor |Staff Writer|

Hundreds of people gathered in Apple Valley this past weekend to spend and save money at the Church of the Valley’s bi-annual rummage sale.

The clock struck 9 and the crowd ensued with anticipation as the barrier between them and the sale came down; people dashed and darted to make their way inside to start filling up their bags, and others pushed and pulled their carts and totes while weaving in and out of the heavy traffic of shoppers.

Hopes were high as shoppers descended into a sea of lost treasures and everyday needs. “Today, I’m looking for bunk beds, an end table and some tablecloths,” said local resident, Patricia Puckett. “This is a great way to save money and it is cheaper than yard sales.”

With the sale running as a two-day event with limited hours, dedication to the rummage and the perfect find had shoppers picking up what others were putting down.

“I’ve been coming to this sale for about 3 years now, and wouldn’t miss it for anything,” said local resident, Kelly Carlson. “I was looking at a frame, had it in my hand for a few seconds, decided I didn’t want it, put it down, and some lady came right up from behind me, picked up that frame and walked away.”

The trek back and forth between the rummage and the parking lot had shoppers on the move.
“I just put the edger I bought in my car, and now I’m heading back in to see what else I can find,” said Victorville resident, Richard O’Brien. “This is my second time here, and I come here because there are some good sales and I like where the money goes.”

The crowd swelled and spread out as some shoppers made their way inside the church to take advantage of filling up a trash bags full of clothes for $5.00 a bag.

“It’s a madhouse in here,” said local resident Maggie Lee. “I’ve lived here since 1987 and never knew about it until now, but I am taking advantage of the deal on these clothes; and I’m looking for dresses, summer tops and shorts.”

It takes more than just dedicated shoppers to keep this rummage up and running; church congregates and other members of the community work together to pull it off.

“They call us the ‘rummage masters’ because we pull this off every time,” said local resident and church attendee, Frances Pond. “We work at this 2 times a month for 6 months and spent about a week setting it all up.”

Each rummage sale can bring in a profit anywhere between $11,000 to $14,000 but the church only keeps what it cost to put it on; and the rest of the money goes back into the community.

“Our profits fluctuate depending on what we have to sell,” said Pond. “All of the money is divided among the many groups that are affiliated with the church and/or whoever helped with the sale; and the rest goes back into the community.”

Don’t miss out! Start saving and spending money and join in on all the madness and epic deals at the Church of the Valley’s next rummage sale that will be held the first weekend in October 2017.


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