If You’re Reading This Its Too Late

By Alana Roche’ |Staff Writer|

drake 2Rap artist Drake surprised his fans with a 17-song mixtape that he released without warning on Feb. 13.

Drake released the mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late on the 6th anniversary of So far gone. He posted a picture of the mixtape cover on Instagram to inform his fans of the release.

He released it as a mixtape but it is now available as an album on iTunes.

According to Billboard.com Drake’s mixtape is already No. 1 on Billboard 200 and is already setting records.
If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late sold 495,000 copies in its first chart week, beating Fifty Shades of Grey’s soundtrack and is No. 2 on the largest sales week for an R&B/hip-hop album since Beyoncé’s surprise self-titled album.

Just a day before dropping the mixtape, Drake released a 15-minute film titled “Jungle.” Which is also the title of a song on his new mixtape. The video begins with Drake talking about where he is at in life at this point.
It follows him from Los Angeles back to his hometown, Toronto, Canada. While in Los Angeles he said, “We’re out here staying up so late that it’s early. Like, f—k. I’m not losing it though, you know, I’m just venting.”

drake 1He then makes it back to Toronto and is shown connecting with his friends and shows that he is very closely connected to his hometown.He has a very nostalgic dream while in Toronto and ends with parts of a song.

When “Jungle” was initially released, it was unclear what song it was but since he released his mixtape it is now known that it was a clip of his song “Jungle.”

The first song on the mixtape is titled “Legend” and features Lil Wayne; Drake goes on to talk about why he, himself, is a legend.

He talks about how other rappers aren’t better than him.

The song “You & The 6” is a preview of what to expect in Drake’s upcoming album “Views from the 6.”
The song is a conversation with his mother, who says she gets “google alerts to her phone” and that she’s worried about him. Drake said, “This is a crazy life, but you and the 6 raised me right” showing that the 6 is where he is from and I believe he is likely referring to Toronto.

Drake’s mixtape was a pleasant surprise that has received a lot of positive reviews. Rolling Stone online said, “For the first time in his career Drake doesn’t sound like he wants to be remembered as one of the greats. This time, he just is.”

CSUSB student Desirae Reynoso said, “I have always loved Drake so when I heard his mixtape came out, I bought it without even listening to the preview!”

If Drake’s mixtape If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late is a preview of what we can expect from his upcoming album, View from the 6 that will be released sometime in July, I have high expectations and can’t wait to see what is released.




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