IE’s local acts to saturate downtown Riverside

By Matthew Bramlett |Asst. A&E Editor|

The Inland Empire’s most interesting and entertaining acts are set to convene on Memorial Day weekend in Riverside for Saturation Fest.

The music and arts festival, which runs from May 26-30, will feature dozens of local musicians and artists for an overload of alternative culture.

The festival heavily promotes a do-it-yourself ethic, meaning that it is completely participant created.

According to the festival’s press release, Saturation Fest “pushes for the de-commodification of culture, concentrating instead on the value of the experience.”

The festival is in it’s tenth year, and it has steadily grown from only a couple hundred people to tens of thousands. Started by Alaska Whelan in 2001, Saturation Fest has become one of the premier local festivals in the Inland Empire.

“I launched Saturation Fest as a weekend event of every local band and artist I knew, and people were really excited about it,” said Whelan.

Over the years, the fest has grown from just a few bands and artists, to a plethora of different events like film, workshops, exhibitions and organized bike rides.

The festival will be spread throughout the labyrinthine streets of downtown Riverside, with local coffee shop Back to the Grind, art and music spot Division 9 Gallery, and non-profit multimedia space Blood-Orange Infoshop serving as the three main venues.

Local musical acts will still be among the main staples of the fest with Naive Thieves, Summer Twins, French Exit and Turkish Techno among the relatively notable acts that will be playing.

Also happening during the fest will be the Riverside DIY Print Fest at the Metropolitan Museum. The fest is open to anyone interested in the awesome and exciting world of screen printing, zine making and self-publishing among other things.

The entire fest is open to all ages and mostly cost-free, which reflects the true DIY philosophy of the event.

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