Identity Thief steals top spot

By Shannon Luster |Staff Writer|

“Identity Thief” is a comedic thrill with crazy antics that will make you laugh right out of your seat.
The movie stars Jason Bateman as the good-natured Sandy Patterson and Melissa McCarthy as the crazy, yet surprisingly loveable Diana.

“Identity Thief” stole the box office by soaring to number one and raked in $34.6 million during its opening weekend.

Director Seth Gordon directed “Identity Thief” and “Horrible Bosses” which starred Bateman.

Other key players from “Horrible Bosses” return and work together on “Identity Thief,” including music composer Christopher Lennertz and editor Peter Teschner.

The first scene begins with Sandy, a successful businessman, who answers a phone call at work.
Diana, the caller, successfully tricks him into giving personal information and enjoys several shopping sprees, using fake credit cards in Sandy’s name.

Sandy soon discovers his identity has been stolen after his credit takes a nose dive.

The skillful use of the slow motion effect, added in post-production, heightens funny moments, especially when Sandy first spots Diana.

Sandy travels with Diana across several states on a whirlwind road trip to reclaim his life and credit back, encountering dangerous characters and obstacles along the way.

“Identity Thief” is at its strongest during comedic scenes that will make you laugh so hard, your sides hurt.
Bateman and McCarthy are believable in their roles, especially while delivering punch lines, reflecting their talent in comedic timing.

In the midst of all their obstacles, a funny situation or comment is just around the corner, reminding the audience why this movie is a comedy.

Certain scenes develop both Sandy and Diana’s characters, making them multidimensional and relatable to the audience.

Sandy is most relatable when he cheerfully interacts with his wife and daughters, especially during special occasions.

Diana is especially relatable when she shares some of her all time lows, feeling depressed about her past in ways that the viewers may not expect.

The characters sometimes speak crudely to each other, but this comedic device only emphasizes the humor in certain scenes.

“Now that’s funny!” a viewer in the theater said during an especially humorous scene.

The violence is often depicted as physical comedy, enticing laughter form the audience.

Sandy even hits Diana in the face with his guitar during one of the struggles, but the actors’ comedic timing made this scene funny rather than offensive.

Comedic sequences, especially between Sandy and Diana, are also interspersed with high-speed, thrilling, car chases at full speeds and in high risk scenarios.

Some situations are highly suggestive, especially when Diana intentionally creates trouble for Sandy, resulting in embarrassing situations for him. This content also reflects why the movie is rated R.

Regardless of the sexual innuendos, this movie’s hilarious antics more than makes up for it.

“Identity Thief” promises to deliver a wild, enjoyable ride for viewers.


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