How Often Should Men Get Haircuts In The Winter?

Thomas Ard

By: Manny Sandoval | Contributing Writer

The amount of time men should go between haircuts depends on the length of the cut and style.

A good haircut should last a long time. But the definition of ‘a long time’ and ‘a good haircut’ seem to differ from person to person.

In the winter men are much more prone to letting their hair grow out and cut their hair less often due to the colder temperatures.

One might feel that a haircut every three to four weeks is too far in-between and some men may feel that is an adequate amount of time.

Heres what Instagram users had to say about mens hair:

For those who continuously keep the sides of their hair short and have a complex style, they will need to invest much more time and money into their hair.

For men who do not prefer spending hours in a barbers chair or throwing money their barbers way every week, would be best suited with a regular haircut.

A regular haircut has hair long enough to comb on top, a defined side part, and semi-short sides.

Many people feel men should get haircuts when they want to and not get a cut based off of a superficial timespan that society places upon mens hair.

Here is what Facebook users expressed about the topic:

The question “How often should men get haircuts in the winter,” stems from the belief that hair grows slower in colder temperatures.

There is no official research on whether or not mens hair grows slower or faster in the winter.

What we do know is that cold air induces a reflex reaction of vasoconstriction (reduction of blood flow) in the skin in order to reduce body heat loss. Less blood flow to the skin gives off less oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles; therefore less hair growth.

“In the winter make sure to condition your hair. Your hair and skin is always drier in the winter. I know a lot of guys are weird about putting conditioner in their hair, but I promise you your hair will thank you. It will look shinier, feel softer, and be easier to style,” said hairstylist Katie Boardman.

We still don’t know for sure if hair growth slows down in the winter, but what we do know is men should always get a haircut based on their own preference, length and style.

“Men should wash their hair often, blow drying is important with long hair, and purchase a quality product to style your hair in the winter and all year long,” said Barber, Gio Valencia.


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