High winds cause campus closure

By Jacqueline Scholten |Staff Writer|

Gusts of 50-plus miles per hour ripped through CSUSB forcing officials to shut down the campus Jan 27.

“I was so scared driving to school this morning. A truck blew over and there were crates all over the 210 freeway,” said student Renee Etcheberria.

The National Weather Service issued a high wind warning beginning at 6 a.m. Friday morning till Saturday 3 p.m.

“Street signs being blown off, trees being uprooted, students falling over, cars swerving” says Ryan Larson.

An email was sent out at 10 a.m. informing students that once their first class was over they would be dismissed for the day.

Many students excitedly rushed from their classes and headed home.

Though not all students were happy about the closure. Lizbeth Lopez showed up to class after the campus was shut down. “It sucks that I drove all the way out here for nothing.”


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