High-class food for less at the Back Abbey in Claremont

By Cheran Dinger |Staff Writer|

The Back Abbey is a favorite eating and drinking spot for people of all walks of life in Claremont.

Located at 128 North Oberlin Avenue, it the perfect spot for a tasty gourmet burger and a craft beer you cannot get anywhere else.

Being a resident of Claremont, I felt it was my duty to enjoy all the splendors I have heard from others about the Back Abbey.

I was nervous that they would have anything that would tickle my fancy because I am not a “burger-eater” but I was assured by my roommates that the mussels are to die for.

“The burgers should have their own show on The Food Network, they are that good,” said Ryan Phipps, a Back Abbey patron.

For an appetizer I ordered the fresh-baked Bavarian Pretzel with sweet aioli dipping sauce.  It tasted like something out of a bakery; it was very soft, fluffy and I didn’t want it to end!

With over 100 beers to choose from and 28 beers on tap, it was difficult to make my selection. I chose the Buffalo Stout as my first beer.

It was rich with a slightly bitter aftertaste. The earthy undertones balanced the texture of the beer beautifully.

“I love this place because it is so different from the norm, interior, food and all the awesome beer is a huge plus,” said Phipps.

With a slightly gothic/English pub décor, the unique environment atttracts all the hipsters, poets and musicians that stay sequestered in the Claremont Colleges.

“I come here to unwind and drink some high class beer. It makes me feel fancy,” said Peter Lee, a Back Abbey patron.

I also tried the Mussel. They were tradition style Belgian mussels cooked in a butter and garlic sauce served with garlic bread.

“The mussels will forever be my favorite; but don’t tell my boss,” said Stacey Doucette, our server.

Mussels, especially in the Inland Empire tend to be a hit or a miss for me. It is so easy to get them wrong; they can be over-cooked or simply poor quality. But the Back Abbey gets two thumbs up from me on their mussels.

“Whenever I come I get one of the burgers,” said Lo Bell, a restaurant patron.

The second beer I tried was the St. Louis Frambroise. I would describe Frambroise as a hardcore wine cooler. It still has a fruity taste but seems more grown-up than the wine coolers I would drink when I first turned 21.

“If you want something different from the same old bar with nothing more than sliders and bud light on tap, this is the place to come and hang,” said Bell.

Overall, the Back Abbey get a stamp of approval from me. When you step into this establishment you don’t feel like you’re in Claremont anymore.

You feel as if you have been transported to a swanky European pub. Check it out and see for yourself!



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