Hello Summer, so long spring

By Taylor Vermillion |Staff Writer|


Summer hasn’t officially reached Southern California just yet, but the heat has definitely arrived.

With temperatures hitting the triple digits, there’s no doubt this summer is going to be one of the hottest ones yet.

Lucky for us that means sweater weather is in the past and it’s time to bust out the summer wardrobe.

I’m sad that I can’t really wear my boots anymore, but you can’t really go wrong with an adorable pair of sandals,” said CSUSB student Alicia Zapata.

Zapata added, “I’ve always been a shorts and flip flop girl anyways, so the heat isn’t really hitting my closet too hard.”

Unfortunately, some of us haven’t prepared for summer quite as well.

Lucky for us CSUSB is only a few miles from shopping hotspots like Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario Mills, which is also only a short distance from there.


Stores like Macy’s, American Eagle, Pac Sun, and Charlotte Russe make shopping for summer a little easier.

According to People Magazine, the trend for this summer is ranging from bold colors paired with simple accessories to simple pastels and breezy skirts.

Everyone is encouraged to flaunt their own style, but if you feel the need to stick to the summer trend, try pairing a bold print loose fitting pair of pants with a simple flowy top.fashionstylewallblog

Favorite colors for this season are light blues, pastel pinks, and the diversity that a simple white top brings to any outfit.

Of course, most of these trends are spotted on celebrity fashionistas, however, there are definitely opportunities to get similar styles on a college student’s budget.

“I never have time to go to the store anymore. I usually do most of my shopping online. It’s easier and convenient,” said student Jennifer Allen, who joins a lot of people in the rise of digital shopping.

Popular apps are now making it as simple as one click away from having those shoes Rihanna rocked on the red carpet, or that adorable jacket Beyonce was caught wearing to the Knicks game.

One popular app is Modcloth.com. The site features clothes that usually have a vintage style with an updated look.

Vintage is always in, and the stylists at Modcloth know it.

Not only do they feature amazing clothing for men and women at affordable prices, but they feature a shoe selection that ranges from bizarre to beautiful.

Shoe-Dazzle-flats-collage-FINAL-1024x1024The sandal has always been the go-to choice for fashionable footwear, and Shoedazzle.com is always putting spotlights on the revamps that popular designers are dishing out.

Pairing well with shorts, skirts, and the new go-to maxi-dress, check out the popular website for all your footwear needs.

“I love the convenience of online shopping, but I prefer actually going to the store. I can try stuff on, and I don’t have to pay for shipping,” said CSUSB student Jessica Lopez.

So while you’re out and about, make sure to stay updated on the latest and greatest trends to hit the summer style.



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