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By: Christopher Smith |Staff Writer|

Carl’s jr., McDonalds, El Pollo Loco, I’m in there.

My thought process is that I’m young and I eat a salad a couple times a week so after changing these habits eventually, I should be okay. Or will I?

According to a recent article published in the LA Times on a research study, college students may not even be consuming one serving a day of fruits and vegetables.

“Your body is amazing, it will tolerate a lot,” said Dorothy Chen-Maynard, Ph.D. “Some of the consequences if you don’t eat well, you don’t get enough iron, you become anemic, and there are some deficiency issues. But in the long run where it becomes an issue is that when you get older, that abuse that you’ve been doing to your system can catch up.”

The thing is the life of college students is a busy, hectic, academic, and social mess to worry about. From exams, to dating, to jobs and careers; proper nutrition intake can be difficult to scrunch into personal schedules.

“It recently has, because I am trying to get used to the course load,” said Tebine Otubu, senior Kinesiology major on student exchange, referring to school affecting her eating habits.

Eating out is also costly compared to buying food to prepare from the grocery store. The cost of eating out several times per week can easily rise above $40. That money could be better suited in blowing off at the crap table in Vegas or at least on the gas to get me there.

Also I’m not a calorie counter, but fast food spots among others can really stack on calories. Kind of worries me now when a shake from Carl’s jr. can rack up to 700 calories according to Kaiser Permanente. That’s a pretty big chunk out of my daily calorie intake.

But Chen talked about a lot of other topics such as recipes, alcohol consumption, cooking, etc. If interested in hearing more ways to eat healthy listen to parts of the interview below.


Dr Chen Interview

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