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By Alejandro Cardenas |Staff Writer|

grantland.com“Better Call Saul” is a dark and zany spin-off that has potential to spring out from the massive shadow cast by its predecessor, “Breaking Bad”.

The 6.9 million viewers that tuned in to watch Saul’s launch made it the best series premiere in cable television history within the 18-49 year old adult demographic.

“At first, I was iffy about yet another television spin-off, but after the first two episodes of “Better Call Saul,” I’ve been hooked”, said CSUSB Junior Dyanna Chavez.

With the creator of this show, Vince Gilligan, having created the behemoth that was “Breaking Bad,” pressure has been put on him to bring the viewers a show that is just as captivating and exciting.

This is no easy task considering that “Breaking Bad” pulled in various Emmy Awards as well as Golden Globe wins and holds the Guinness World Record as the most highly rated show of all time.

With “Better Call Saul”, Gilligan decided to focus on the evolution of “Breaking Bad’s” crook lawyer, Saul Goodman, as he goes from a struggling defense attorney to a smooth talking criminally-affiliated lawyer.

Saul is played by the little-known Bob Odenkirk, who so far has shown his character is worthy of a leading role since he has displayed an ability to bring depth to a character much in the way that Bryan Cranston was able to give “Breaking Bad’s” Walter White.

entertainment weekly.comThe first episode takes us back six years before “Breaking Bad”, and into the life of Saul Goodman when desperation caused him to fall back into his old scamming habits. The episode starts off feeling like a comedy but the drama slowly builds up to the final tantalizing moments as the episode ends with a gun pointed at Saul’s face.

The large number of viewers for the first episode of Saul are mostly being attributed to its tactical Sunday night premiere following immediately after AMC’s return of its most highly rated show, “The Walking Dead”.
The second episode of Saul brought the return of “Breaking Bad’s” Tuco (Raymond Cruz) and showed viewers that Saul’s story would also carry out within the violently gritty New Mexico drug world that “Breaking Bad” introduced.

However, the second episode of Saul saw an almost 50 percent drop in viewers from the first episode with only 3.4 million returning viewers but, according to Entertainment Weekly, these numbers were expected.
Even with the estimated 50 percent drop in viewers, AMC has already announced that they will begin working on the second season of the series.

“Breaking Bad’s” greatest aspect was always in production where the story’s world was intensified through the unique combination of camera use, intricate lighting, and magnified sounds.

“Saul” continues with that tradition and manages to make the series feel enjoyably familiar while distinguishing itself just enough to feel refreshingly new.

New episodes of “Better Call Saul” will broadcast every Monday at its regular time slot of 10 p.m.



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