Halloween How-to’s and guide for the fall’s best costume ideas

by Renee Etcheberria | Staff Writer |

Trick or Treat, finding the perfect costume always seems to be quite the feat.

Halloween is but days away and this year’s trends are all over the place from the risque to the ridiculous.

This is the one day of the year where women can parade around in provocative outfits making it socially acceptable to wear underwear as outerwear. Sexy is encouraged even borrowing from children’s characters such as Strawberry Shortcake or Snow White.

While women adorn their limited amounts of clothing, men can feel good about dressing as their favorite superhero without the risk of embarrassment. Some men take the easy way out by throwing on a sports jersey.

It’s Halloween and anything goes!

Although dressing sexy is still high on the list of popularity, according to Yahoo’s search database, this year’s top trends fall more along the lines of inappropriately poking fun at people in the 2011 headlines.

#Winning, Charlie Sheen tops this year’s Halloween trends. If imitating Sheen’s outrageous antics isn’t bold enough, be on the lookout for people dressed as Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox, Osama Bin Laden and even the late Steve Jobs.

Reality impersonators are all the rage.

Another top charting costume includes steam-punks, a combination of the steam power era and science fiction fantasy. In layman’s terms, a cross between Johnny Depp’s Willie Wonka meets Mad Hatter.

Influenced by the popular television show “Pan Am,” stewardesses are making a debut this Halloween season.

Technology has not only taken over our lives, but it has now become a Halloween costume trend. According to Buy.com, the phone application Angry Birds is its number one sold costume at this time.

In a downward economy, shopping for a Halloween costume is at the end of most budget lists. This year get creative and do it yourself.

A simple alternative to those pricey store bought costumes is to make it yourself or use something you already have. This is a more cost effective choice compared to the average costume cost of $30-$60.

Stick to simple ideas like pirates, Indians, sailors, cowboys, anything 80’s and superheroes.

For an effortless Halloween costume,  raid the closets of family members and friends. Also, search your local thrift stores or yard sales for inexpensive unique costume ideas.

Another budget friendly option is to do group costumes with friends. Take a movie trend such Bridesmaids or Smurfs, costume options are simple and often already in your closet.

Halloween is all about having fun. Whether you buy or make your costume, you have the freedom to be whoever and whatever you want.

For more Halloween ideas or help with making your costume visit youtube.com


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