Green initiative: Green Campus

By Kenneth Johnson  |Staff Writer|

CSUSB is on its way to reducing its carbon footprint by 15 percent.

The school is one of the first six California campuses to pilot the Green Campus program. The focus of the Green Campus program is to educate the campus community on energy conservation.

    The program has expanded to include a number of quantitative projects with direct measurable savings.
“This is very interesting and also fits within our campus. We are built right by the mountains; we should take advantage of all the resources surrounding us,” said Kenneth Mosely, CSUSB student.

The school expects to reduce its carbon emissions by 2,000 metric tons.

    That is the equivalent of having 14,000 cars taken off the road and planting 2.9 million trees. CSUSB recycles more than 60 percent of solid waste.
The Green Campus program has reached 7,071 students, faculty, staff and community members. The students put lighting audits in the campus apartments and installed timers for the video games that are located in the student union.

“I don’t know why we have a time limit on the video games, but if its for a good cause I’m all for it,” said CSUSB student Edward Hewiit.

    Within the program, there are also a variety of educational events that include mock bills, energy awareness day, Take the Stairs Day, and also training residence hall assistants on energy efficiency and holding focus groups.

The actions have resulted in energy audits of the apartments which helped create $2,615 in annual savings.

    The campus also upgraded its heating and air conditioning controls, with new energy-efficient chillers and a new cooling tower.
Right next door to the police station on campus, a field of solar powered panels captures sunlight to turn into electricity for certain buildings on campus. More solar panels are located by the Coussoulis Arena next to the parking structure.
The future plans for the campus are to include state-of-the-art wirelessly-controlled irrigation systems that will control water based on weather conditions.
CSUSB will also be installing one megawatt’s worth of photovoltaic panels to several building rooftops that will increase the amount of renewable power at the school.
With generating its own energy, conserving all of its natural resources, recycling its solid waste and shrinking its carbon footprint, CSUSB is giving its students a good education and a greener future.


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