Graduate and undergrads have chance to compete for awards

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By Cecilia Gutierrez |Staff Writer|

CSUSB Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) is involved in a wide range of academic, career activities for all students.

The CSUSB Student Research Competition, for example, is an annual event that gives both undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to present their scholarly work in an academic competition.

Research presented is specified towards the students’ discipline and career goals.

Students compete by discipline and class standing (undergraduate/graduate) and each have ten minutes to give an oral presentation of their work to a jury. They also have five minutes to answer any questions the jury has regarding their work.

According to OGS’s events and calendar page, winners advance to the CSU Student Research Competition as representatives of CSUSB and are provided with a prized award “contingent upon funding.”

According to the OGS page all students from all disciplines are encouraged to participate.

The CSU Student Research Competition involves the twenty-three campuses of the California State University system.

These oral presentations are similar to those conducted under The CSUSB Student Research Competition, however, they are judged by experts from corporations, foundations, public agencies, colleges and universities.

This particular competition is held to promote interactions by undergraduate and graduate students across various Cal States.

Along with the multiple events and activities presented by OGS are the numerous resources offered to graduate students.

CSUSB’s Graduate Writing Center, similar to the undergraduate writing center, aims to help students who wish to improve and refine their composition.

Student writing consultants at the Graduate Writing Center are there to help with clarity, structure, and other various aspects of the writing process.

Another resource available to students is the Office of Student Research (OSR).

OGS works in collaboration with OSR to provide students opportunities and resources for conducting research and other scholarly activities. The activities previously mentioned are all in part associated with OSR.

One of the newest resources available to graduates is the availability of laptops. Students can now check out laptops from the OGS building using their Coyote OneCard. There is a four-hour maximum period of use for the laptops, so students have easy accessibility and an extensive duration of time in which they can finish their research or work.

For more information or questions please contact the Office of Graduate Studies, located in Chaparral Hall, room 123. They are opened Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

You may also call (909) 537-5058 or e-mail

Becoming a graduate may not be in your plans, however, the activities and resources provided by this department can provide all CSUSB students an experience of a lifetime.

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