Grad rates addressed

By Elle Carlos | Staff Writer |

Chancellor Timothy White discussed upcoming goals for the 2016-17 academic year on Jan. 26, at his State of the CSU address.

White focused on the need for CSU’s to close the achievement gap, the rate between white and minority student graduates.

“I am acknowledging that empowering historically under served, low-income, first-generation and English-as-a-second-language communities demands more of our time, attention and resources. It requires our best thinkers and best doers,” said White.

With the ongoing budget negotiations for the coming year, students can be reassured that tuition will not increase within the upcoming academic year.

“In keeping with Governor Brown’s multi-year funding agreement with the CSU, trustees will keep tuition flat in 2016-17,” stated Pam Langford, director of Executive Affairs.

“The CSU $102 million additional budget request will be decided between now and mid-June when California legislators pass the budget,” stated Langford.

“We encourage all students to participate in ‘high-impact practices’ that lead to graduation,” stated President Tomàs Morales.

Morales suggested students get involved in student organizations, service learning, internships, and capstone courses.

“Yes, we are reaching for the moon… not for ourselves alone… but for all who watch from afar and follow,” said White.

“If not the CSU to lead America… then who? If not the people in this room and the 3.5 million people we represent… then who?” asked White.

“The answer is clear. It is the people of the CSU, aspiring and achieving together, that enable a better world by graduating the global leaders of tomorrow,” said White.

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