GoW3 even better this season

By Nigel Hamblin |Staff Writer|

Epic Games has announced new “Gears of War 3” (GoW3) downloadable content (DLC), expanding on the events of the epic sci-fi shooter saga.

There will be two DLC packs, one of which will strictly contain multiplayer content and another that will include three hours of additional campaign content. It will take place on the planet Sera right after Emergence Day, before the events of the original GoW.

The first DLC, “Horde Command Pack,” will be released on Nov. 1 and will feature new multiplayer characters, maps, gun skins and fortification upgrades for the “Horde” game mode.

However, “RAAM’s Shadow” seems to be the most rewarding DLC out of the two.

According to IGN Entertainment, design director Cliff Bleszinski claimed it as “the biggest DLC we’ve ever made.”

“RAAM’s Shadow” not only gives you three more hours of campaign time, but includes six more multiplayer characters, a “chocolate” weapon set, and new Xbox achievements.

Best of all, “RAAM’s Shadow” will give the player the opportunity to play as the final enemy boss in the first GoW, General RAAM.

“RAAM’s imposing size and strength, along with his Kryll shield, makes him one of the most powerful and daunting foes in the Gears’ universe,” said Bleszinski to IGN Entertainment. “We think fans are going to have a blast unleashing hell upon the humans for the first time in a campaign setting.”

Players will also play as Zeta Squad, featuring returning characters from previous games as well as new ones. One of the new characters making their debut will be Michael Barrick, from the GoW graphic novels.

Introducing new characters from other GoW material and incorporating them into the game is an effective way to keep things fresh and interesting for the players.

“I think it’s a smart idea for them to introduce the new characters from their expanded universe,” said gamer and “Gears of War” enthusiast Dan Stong. “It gives the die-hard fans of the series something really special and the rest of us get a nice change of characters.”

Too often most DLCs will only include several multiplayer maps and not much else, whereas “RAAM’s Shadow” will give gamers a brand new experience. This is well worth the money especially for content that was most likely on the disc when originally purchased.

“If you’re a big fan of the game and enjoy playing it a lot, this DLC will be worth it,” said Stong.

Gamers with a “Gears of War 3” season pass will receive “RAAM’s Shadow” for free, as well as a 33 percent discount off all future GoW3 DLC.

“The season pass is a nice way of giving savings to the gamers who will put in their time and continue playing as the DLC comes out,” said Stong. “I’m glad I bought it.”

“RAAM’s Shadow” will be available on Dec.13 for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

For “Gears of War” fanatics, this content is a must buy.


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