Gov. Brown’s new plan for education

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By Tiffiny Gaston |Staff Writer|

With the passing of Proposition 30 in the past election, Brown and other government officials have come up with a proposal to generate more funding for the California’s public school system.

According to The Huffington Post, With more revenue from the Proposition 30 tax initiative passed in November and an improving economy, officials for cash-strapped school districts, community colleges and public universities said they’ll be able to stave off more cuts and stabilize their own operations.

Under Brown’s “breakthrough” budget plan California school districts will receive approximately 56.2 billion dollars during the 2013-14 academic school year, which is a 2.7 billion dollar increase from the previous year.

According to the Dailey News, Brown also proposed allocating all the revenue from Proposition 39 – some $450 million next year – to fund energy-efficiency projects at K-12 campuses and community colleges.

Although Brown’s plan will benefit the majority of the California public school system, some districts will receive more financial aid based on their financial need.

According to the Press Enterprise, Inland school districts are poised to pick up a lot more funding in the future under this plan.

San Bernardino City Schools would receive $12,292 per student when the plan is fully implemented.

With the increase in funding for public schools in the Inland Empire, many academic programs will be provided with the essential tools needed to create a more productive learning environment for students.

Student Briana Moreau, believes that Brown’s proposal budget plan could potentially benefit the California school district system.

“It seems any change could potentially bring about positive results, and without trying, we won’t know,” said Moreau.

If approved Brown’s budget proposal plan for the  2013-2014 academic school year will take effect July 1.


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