Gorillaz album a big old flop

By Eileen Gutierrez |Staff Writer|

The new album from Gorillaz, The Fall, may take fans of the band by surprise.

Previous albums offered validity and made me want to listen, blast the music and roll my car windows down.

Unfortunately, this newest album is sadly disappointing.

Normally I have the ability to listen to a CD from track to track. The first track, “Phoner To Arizona,” offered a great abstract beat, but I could not handle all 3 minutes and 42 seconds of it.

I may not be able to blast the album in my car while driving down the 210 freeway, but the abstract beats and limited amount of lyrics did make me concentrate on other things.

Of the minimal lyrics, one stood out more than others. In “California and the Slipping of the Sun,” the lyrics stated, “Money is boring.”
This Gorillaz album does not feature as many guest artists as past albums, since all tracks were recorded on an iPad during Gorillaz’s US tour last year.

The Guardian spoke of the album, “Perhaps it isn’t supposed to be seen as a proper album – like 2003’s Democrazy, a limited-edition collection of rough sketches recorded during Blur’s last US tour. But those songs were clearly not finished, and the 14 tracks on The Fall clearly are.”

The album culminated into an anticlimactic song, “Bobby in Phoenix”, which features Bobby Womack. It’s a smooth, easy-going song and probably the most notable of the album, yet not as memorable as others, such as “The Revolving Door.”

This is an album that will help you concentrate on homework, which may not be a good thing. In fact, if I wanted to concentrate on homework, I would not have streamed the album in the first place.

“This low-key album is the sound of Damon Albarn blowing trees and tweaking apps as the American outback rolls by his bus window,” stated Jon Dolan, a reviewer for Rolling Stone magazine.

This album may end up in my digital trashcan or lost in my iTunes Library in less than a month when I forget that I downloaded it. This album just seems like nothing more than an after thought.

The album dragged from start to finish. I could not find the beginning, the middle or the end. I feel it was unfinished; I can’t find the possible mainstream hit like “Feel Good Inc” or “19-2000.”

According to Rolling Stone, there is a rumor that The Fall may be the last Gorillaz album. If this is the case, then they do not seem to be going out on a high note, only a techno beat made from an iPad application.

The album can be streamed for free on thefall.gorillaz.com