Golden Globe stars inspire new fashion

By Alana Roche |Staff Writer|

The 72nd Annual Golden Globes was held on Sunday, Jan. 11 at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California.

The Golden Globes is an annual award ceremony that celebrates the best in television and film. Every year millions tune in and news stations like Access Hollywood and E! make it an all day event.

The stations talk about who’s been nominated, who is predicted to win and anxiously wait for stars to arrive.

The shows’ focus is to give awards but let’s face it, we tune in every year to see what famous actors are wearing to the show.

Stars know that they are going to be watched closely for their fashion choices. So they go knowing that if their outfit is liked they will be seen as fashion inspirations.

Many fashion designers know many women will want to look like these stars off of the red carpet. Although attendees spend thousands of dollars to look their best for this ceremony, many designers make clothes that will allow you to look like these stars at an affordable price.

At this year’s Golden Globes, stars chose to keep their hair simple and casual. I was really inspired by Lorde and Jennifer Aniston’s fashion choices for this year.

Lorde kept it sophisticated, yet casual in a black crop top, silky pants, and a blazer.

I was really inspired by many of the looks, so I went to different websites such as and h& to find something similar at affordable prices. I found many options that looked just like Lorde’s look.


lorde lordelook









I then decided to make it more shopper friendly by using a website called that allows you to find a complete look from head to toe. The top I chose for this look can be bought at for $30. I really liked the top that Lorde had so I tried to find the most affordable look alike.

Personally, I know that I wouldn’t wear Lorde’s pants because of the loose fit, so I chose $20 leggings that can be bought at H&M. The sweater is also very much like Lorde’s and cost $30 at

Lorde completed the look with a 100 karat diamond and platinum Neil Lane necklace. I found an affordable $35 necklace that can be bought at

In total, it cost $115 to buy a Lorde-inspired look.











Another look that inspired me was Jennifer Aniston’s. She wore a Saint Laurent black dress with a sequined top and a long slit on one side.

Instead of keeping this dressy, I decided to make it a more casual look. The sequined top is available on for $12. The skirt has an open slit and can be found at Charlotte Russe for $20. The earrings are a little more dramatic than Aniston’s and can be found at for $20. The bracelet keeps the outfit simple but matches perfectly and is Steven Madden that can be bought at Macy’s for $30. The heels are really in style right now and cost $28 at The complete Jennifer Aniston inspired look cost $80.

The stars show off glitz and the glamour and there is no reason we should be deprived of showing it off ourselves.

Overall, the 72nd Golden Globes was filled with movie stars and left a lot of fashion inspiration for the New Year.



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