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glassdoor 1By Christina Raney |Staff Writer|

College students’ worst fear after graduating: the dreadful and sometimes discouraging job search.

With that diploma in hand, the job search can be stressful, painful, or non-existent.

Well, there is a solution to your stress-inducing search, enter Glassdoor.

Glasssdoor launched in 2008 by Robert Hohman, Rich Barton and Tim Besse, where their mission statement is “To help people everywhere find jobs and companies they love.”

Glassdoor, this lesser known online job search program, similar to Monster, that allows you to search for a job as well as post your resume to the site for potential employers who use the site to find new employees.

Although it’s similar to Monster, that’s where the similarities end.

“Unlike other job search sites, we pair millions of job listings with more than 10 million company reviews, CEO approval ratings, interview reviews and questions, salary reports and more, directly from those who know a company best – the employees,” stated Glassdoor career trend analyst, Scott Dobroski.

Dobroski added, “Unlike any other site, this gives job seekers an inside look at what it’s really like to work at a company and allows them to make more informed job search decisions.”

During my research of the site, I discovered that after you register for an account to upload your resume to Glassdoor, and your account has been authorized and activated, you have 10 days of unlimited access to Glassdoor.

I found that Glassdoor is completely free—there is no subscription or data fees in order to use Glassdoor.

However, they require past employment information, such as salary and employment position, in order to use their services beyond the free trial.

You can create a basic account where your’e not ready to post a resume at that current time, you have 10 days of free access, which is what I did.

This website would be immensely useful to students because it empowers them with the tools and the resources to get involved in a career that they love rather than one they loathe or have to take in order to pay their bills.

Students have the tools at their fingertips; the problem is, will students use this in order for them to find a job.

“I occasionally look at it to see if there are any emerging fields I should be paying attention to,” said student Mark Martinez.

As part of Glassdoor’s mission, we are committed to workplace transparency. Research has shown that pay transparency can help reduce the pay gap, encouraging underpaid workers to negotiate for a wage increase or to find a better-fitting job,” stated Dobroski.

“This increases employee satisfaction, worker productivity and labor market efficiency overall, so it is good for a company’s bottom line as well,” added Dobroski.

Martinez used Glassdoor to research the salaries of potential jobs that he will apply for.

“It’s always nice to ballpark where your salary should be. It’s also a nice reference to have when your negotiating your salary with a potential employer as well,” stated Martinez, “that way you don’t get cheated on your starting salary.”

Not only professional jobs are posted on Glassdoor, but entry-level jobs as well.

Glassdoor has millions of jobs listed on our site across all industries, levels, occupations and locations,” stated Dobroski.

We live in this time period where we as job seekers can access employee salaries before we even get the call back for the interview.

Glassdoor may be the answer to the discouraging job search, take advantage of it, Coyotes.

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