Get your fix and take a risk

By Cheran Dinger |Staff Writer|

When was the last time you did something crazy and spontaneous? Recently I find myself asking this question and I was curious as to what the students of CSUSB would have to say about it.

It seems like when we were kids we were more reckless and did more stunts with our friends on the weekends. But now our lives are consumed with paying bills, term papers and rising gas prices.

“When I was a kid I used to do extreme walking with my friends,” said student Daniel. “It was basically doing jumps and stuff off the wall or jumping off benches.”

After seeing a live demonstration of “extreme walking”, it appeared to resemble skateboarding without the skateboard but performing all the aerobic tricks and moves.

“When I was in South Africa I went sky diving, that was scary as hell,” said student Rebecca who told me she learned the hard way that she isn’t a thrill-seeker after she jumped out of an airplane at a few thousand feet.

When I asked students what crazy things they have done lately, a surprising number of students said they don’t do anything reckless anymore because they don’t have health insurance.

“Are you kidding me? I can’t afford to do crazy things, I don’t have coverage to live dangerously,” said student Tatiana.

I have always been someone who plays it safe. I don’t like scary movies, the idea of going on a roller-coaster gives me anxiety but I make up for being a chicken in other ways.

I love doing karaoke and stand-up comedy which are things that terrify some people.

“I’m way too shy and over think everything to do crazy things. It’s kind of sad…I should do crazy things more often,” said student Luke Pierce.

With daily stresses and responsibilities weighing on us maybe we should take some time to do something crazy from time to time.

“I do snowboard and that is crazy to some people does that count?” said Tatiana.

I’m not saying jump off a bridge or wrestle a tiger, but maybe ask out that guy or girl you like, or try something new that’s kind of scary but fun at the same time, like karaoke.

“The craziest thing I have ever done is ask my wife to marry me,” said student Jeff. “I live life on the edge,” he said sarcastically. All the girls “ooow”-ed and “aww”-ed at his answer.

It seemed asking students these questions lit a spark and has inspired people to do more fun things in their lives.

Life can’t all be about term papers and going to work. It should be fun and shared with people you love. So go out there and do something crazy!

Point of reference; students Daniel, Rebecca and Tatiana all refused to give their last names.