Get college students to the Greek

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By Kathleen Ramirez |Staff Writer|

Drinking, partying, getting into trouble are all things that come to mind when considering the Greek life, but these narrow minded views are missing the bigger picture.

There are over 150 variety of clubs and organizations to choose from here on campus, something to suit everyone.

There are many benefits that come with joining a sorority like Alpha Delta Pi, for example, or fraternity like Sigma Nu, such as expanding your social life, attending parties, living in campus housing or gaining post college networking connections.

I use to think of those in the Greek life as party animals or troublemakers, but not anymore.

“I wanted to join for the sense of belonging and involvement, sororities and fraternities all have philanthropies, for example breast cancer awareness or St. Jude Children’s Hospital,” said student Hannah Centner.

“I wanted to do something that made a difference and it is also a very familiar thing, you get a big bro or sis,” added Centner.

I personally feel that being a part of something that makes a difference everyday builds character and I would be proud to be associated with such a group.

There is an initiation fee to join the Greek life and it can range anywhere from $700-$1000 depending on which club you join.

Some worry about not being able to afford this, but most of the sororities and fraternities here on campus work with you, allowing you to do a monthly contingency plan.

It is important for students to get the full college experience, and what better way to do so than being a part of a group that instills leadership and philanthropy.

“I was in Sigma Nu at CSUSB and have so many great memories with the friends I made there,” said student alumnus Peter Evans.

“I am still very close with my frat brothers and work with two of them who are my closest friends,” added Evans.

I have always been curious about what it would be like to pledge and have such a strong support group to turn to whenever I need a helping hand.

“I remember when I graduated from high school, I was so excited to go to college and join a fraternity,” said student Allen Dominguez.

“But once the quarter started I became so busy with school work I didn’t have any spare time to really participate, it is something I regret and still think about doing,” added Dominguez.

One common misconception of being in a sorority or fraternity is that it may be a distraction from your school work, but nowadays, I think it is over exaggerated and the Greek life has a lot to offer college students.

The advantages of learning how to social network will be a great skill to have later down the road and you will make friends that you will have for life.

The Greek life can make a student a better person through leadership experiences, taking part in community outreach programs, and help them to become more sociable, according to USA Today.

In my opinion, I know how hard it can be to break out of your comfort zone, I tend to be a little shy myself so I think it is necessary to have opportunities for students to become socially cultured.

I strongly believe that investing your time in the Greek life can be one of the best decisions an undergraduate can make — as the Greek community becomes a home away from home.


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