Gas busters: ways to get more bang for your buck

By Kati Patag |Staff Writer|

We are all in this together.
Unfortunately, the rise of gas prices is not something that we would like being a part of, but we are.
There are many myths out there about how you can save gas and get the most mileage out of your car, and without thinking we all employ at least one of these many myths that we think save time and money.
For starters, turning off your air conditioner in the summer time, thankfully, does not save a ton of gas, therefore, we can drive comfortably knowing that we are not using excess gas and we are not over heating ourselves.
According to Yahoo!, Consumer Reports auto testing has proven that running the air uses an extremely small amount of gas.
This was not always the case, but as our cars have improved and become more efficient, the air conditioners themselves have become more efficient.

Rolling down your windows can actually add drag to your car, causing your gas mileage to drop.  For best gas mileage, keep the fan running and keep your windows up.

April Standifer, a CSUSB student, was asked about this myth.
“If my gas is low I turn my A/C off in the summer. Otherwise, if I have a full tank I leave it on because having the windows down is worse,” said Standifer.

The way you drive your car impacts your car’s gas mileage significantly, however, changing your driving habits, for example hugging a curve rather than breaking ,will more than likely not make much of a difference.
Another misconception is turning your car off or putting it into neutral while going downhill.
While this does save some gas, it is extremely dangerous because you have minimal control over your vehicle.

To save your gas with this method, you can take your foot of the pedal instead of putting your car in neutral.

This is much safer and will save you gas.

Vanessa Perez, another CSUSB student was asked about this myth.
“Sometimes, but I feel like if I do put my car in neutral it isn’t safe because I don’t feel like I have control,” said Perez.

One last myth pumping your gas in the morning because the temperature outside is cooler.
The theory is that cooler gasoline is more dense therefore you get more gas in your tank.

It is true that when gas is cool it is denser; here is where the misconception comes in.

Gas is held in an underground container where it is cool, which means that it does not matter what time of day you pump your gas.

Some ways you can actually make a difference in your gas mileage are to take care of your car and have it serviced regularly, not overfilling your gas tank, and not flooring it when you’re stopped at a light.
Take it easy on that pedal. It will save you money.



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