Game on with Video Games Live

By Carolina McCarthy |Staff Writer|

For one night, the Coussoulis Arena will be transported into the digital kingdom of video games.

CSUSB is preparing itself for the triumph performance by Video Games Live partnering up with our local San Bernardino Symphony.

This jaw-dropping performance will be held on Saturday October 29.

Video Games Live is the number one touring game concert in the world using classical music to reinvent the music of some of the best video games ever created.

Some of the video games they have used in their past performances are Zelda, Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong and Final Fantasy.

However, each show is also very unique and constantly changing. Out of over 60 different segments, only 20 make it to the show.

So whether you wish to hear ping pong balls bouncing back and forth, Sonic the Hedgehog racing over the screen in front of you or something a bit more, this show has something for you.

Their highly talented choir creates different tunes like Mario and Luigi pouncing through various stages, while synchronized lighting is used to put the viewers into interactive games like Kingdom Hearts.

They also include large interactive screens to show different segments of these memorable games while the harmonious symphony plays in the foreground.

Audience interaction is also a huge part of this epic experience. Pre-show, show and Post-show are both a very interactive part for gamers.

An experience called “Meet and Greet” allows the opportunity to meet Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall, the founders of Video Games Live. Highly regarded video game producers have also been known to appear here as well, and according to the Video Games Live website, it is strongly suggested you get to the event early to be able to meet them.

During the event, they choose audience members at random to go on stage and partake in different interactive games.

This global traveling show has also been praised by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and numerous others.

In 2008, Video Games Live was inducted into Guinness Book of World Records to have performed the most amounts of video game concerts in a one year period.

At this time they are working to further this number and break their own record.

This show was also made with the intent for active gamers, non-gamers, and casual-gamers alike to enjoy.

Nothing at the venue will be rated as “Mature” according to the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), making this an event the entire family can take part in.

As the time nears closer anxious attendees can begin taking out their checkbooks. Tickets are available through numerous options.

You will be able to purchase them through the arena’s box office on campus, Ticketmaster, the San Bernardino Symphony Office located at 415 West Second Street in San Bernardino and online at

Prices for the event range from 15 to 55 dollars, depending on age and type of access preferred. Lower ticket prices are also available on some tickets for CSUSB students upon showing your Coyote ID.


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