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Zhiying Xu
Zhiying Xu

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By Zhiying Xu |Staff Writer|

On Oct. 25 students joined Reps. Pete Aguilar and Eric Swalwell for a #FutureForum discussion of students issues ranging from debt, to income tax, and public services.

At this #FutureForum, students had an opportunity to ask questions and engage in conversations with members of Congress to create solutions to the many challenges students are facing today.

ASI, a student organization that represents voices of the students on campus, hosted the event. They offer legal, discount, and financial services

Future Forum is a group of young members of congress who are working to stand up for the next generation.

Members are traveling the nation to directly discuss with millennials how Congress can best work to solve their concerns.

“We offer different programs to help you all. Not only Cal State, but also all colleges offer the program,” said Aguilar.

Tuition is the most impacting issue for students. From making sure there’s enough money in time within balance work and school is complicated.

Most students who joined this discussion are in debt. Not only local students joined this discussion, some international students also interested in it.

“Americans need to work or get the scholarship for paying their tuition is a culture shock for me,” said Jingjing Yuan, major public administration from China.

Each country has its own financial support.

For most of Asian countries, parents will be the sponsors for their children’s education. For Saudi Arabia, their government would be the sponsor of their education.

“I’m an international student so my tuition is much more expensive than local students but my parent will pay for all, even the cost of living,” said Yuan.

With the tuition becoming higher and higher, the minimum wage might not be enough to support local students who work very hard.

“I got almost 8,000 dollars scholarship last year that it can let me focus on do research for my senior project,” said Mary Garcia.

Scholarships are the best and easiest way for students to get money, but it means they need to pay more attention in class and on their grades.

“If I pay more attention on my class, I can not spend much time on the work. It always make me struggle with work and school,” said Garcia.

International students, however, have a different situation.

They don’t need to work it doesn’t means they don’t want to.

“I also want to work to support my living, but the law does not allow me to do that. If I work without permission, I might go to jail,” said Yuan.

This Congressional Future Forum offered helpful advice for young American students in order to help them solve the problems they meet, it is a good experience for them to get the information they want.

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