fun. puts the ‘fun’ in fun

By Kimberly Rosales |Staff Writer|

fun. brings a new sound to indie alternative with the  release of their second album, Some Nights.

fun.’s popularity grew when “We Are Young” was featured in a Super Bowl commercial for the new Chevy Sonic and on the hit TV show, “Glee.”

fun. was then launched into the mainstream, leaving the band plenty excited about the possibilities.

“That’s just one of the coolest things that could possibly have happened,” said guitarist Andrew Dost in an interview with Seattle Post Intelligencer.

The New York-based band is comprised of founder and lead singer Nate Reuss, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff on guitar.

All three of the band’s current members were former members of different bands: The Format, Anathello and Steel Train.

fun.’s lighthearted pop-rock sound nails an airy and delightful vibe without being too dramatic or using melodies that are overdone.

Since 2010, fun. has been the opening act for various popular alternative rock groups such as Jack’s Mannequin, Fueled By Ramen, Paramore and Panic! At The Disco.

The Washington Post compares fun.’s music to the innovative sounds of Panic! At The Disco and applauded them on their whimsical theatricality.

However, the band’s latest record, Some Nights, dropped Jan. 21 to mixed reviews from fans.

While their first album, Aim and Ignite, was a huge hit with die hard fans but Some Nights is underwhelming in comparison.

Fans like the album but it does not make as strong of an impact as the debut. However, that’s not intended to undermine the fact that it’s still great music overall.

The opening track “Some Nights (Intro)” features a slow, melodic lead that paints a picture of a fun house carnival in the listener’s mind.

The next track, “Some Nights,” which the album is titled after, is reminiscent of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Nate Ruess’ vocals have the same high-pitched tone as Freddie Mercury’s, but with a modernized twist that works well.

The album is more inspirational as opposed to the usual heartache many artists whine about nowadays.

“Tonight/ we are young/ so let’s set the world on fire/ we can burn brighter/ than the sun,” sings Ruess, proving “We Are Young” as a feel good track.

The majority of the album’s tracks are more geared at empowerment towards life, which is evident in “Carry On” and “It Gets Better.”

Some Nights is far more synthesized and auto-tuned than Aim and Ignite, but not too heavily.

Producer Jeff Bhasker, who is famed for his work in the hip-hop genre, worked a unique dynamic into the band leaving the record true to form.

Though Some Nights, may not have lived up to some expectations, it is a great album nonetheless.

fun. shows great promise at such an early yet crucial stage in their career, and with vibrant collaborations and masterful lyrics, they are sure to succeed.


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