Fun, fast and easy Crayon lipstick

By Shiane Jacocks |Staff writer|

Department store lipsticks from MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, or Ulta cost up to $35.
Some college students often do not have the time or money to spend on make-up and other cosmetics.
Home-made do-it-yourself lipstick can leave a feeling of accomplishment and a fuller wallet.
The process is easy, takes about 10-15 minutes, and uses crayola non-toxic crayons, which are a fair price.
This project is perfect for students who are going out with family and friends, or for concerts like Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC).
The D.I.Y. also makes for a perfect Mother’s Day gift.
Mothers love knowing that their gift was original and from the heart, rather than getting a store bought gift.
This activity can also be used for clubs, events, or just for quality time with the family.
It is also a great project for potential business majors. It’s a great way to start selling their merchandise that they learned to make in such a timely manner.
This project can be done in six easy steps.
The supplies you will need are: a plastic individual container to hold the lipstick, Crayola crayons with colors ranging from strawberry red to blue-green, coconut oil, a glass Mason jar, a kitchen pot, a measurement cup, and a stove.
Step 1: Supplies should be gathered in a clean area.

Step 2: Pour one cup of water into the pot and wait for it to boil.

Step 3: Place the Mason jar in the middle of the pot of boiling water and wait 3 minutes.
Step 4: Use the half tablespoon to scoop the coconut oil and place it in the Mason jar.

Step 5: Peel the Crayola crayons wrapper and place it in the Mason jar. Wait for it to melt and then place another half tablespoon of coconut oil.

Step 6: Let the crayon melt then turn off the stove; grab the mason jar (use a mitten if it’s too hot).

Step 7: Slowly pour the crayon mixture into the plastic container.

The lipstick needs to cool down overnight to stay solid.
The next day, the mixture should be cooled and you can try it out for a brand new day.
Some things to keep in mind: make sure the stove isn’t too hot or the mason jar may break.
Also keep in mind that some may be allergic to some necessary ingredients.
All of these items can be purchased at stores such as Stater Bros., Target, Michaels or Wal-Mart.
Some students can use old containers from other lipsticks for the same process.
The plastic container that holds the lipstick can be purchased with different colored beads at Wal-Mart.
Students can use these beads to decorate their container.
The color I used for this project was strawberry red, but students can get creative and try a variety of bright colors.


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