Frostbites doesn’t bite–Restaurant Review

By Selina Cerda |Staff Writer|

Frostbites ice cream in Riverside.

Frostbites Frozen Delights in Riverside.

If ice cream, frozen yogurt, Popsicles, and snow cones are your favorite, cool-down treats then you must try Frostbites frozen delights.

Frostbites’ products differ from what you would find or purchase at a store because of the unique combination of fluffy ice and creamy goodness.

They have a large variety of desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Sorbet cream is the most popular item customers come in for. This is a french, frozen custard layered atop with Italian ice.

Italian ice is similar to a snow cone but lighter, more fine, and bursting with flavor.

Frostbites offers different sample combinations of Italian ice with frozen french custard so you know what flavor satisfies your taste buds.

Most of their flavor options remain year round, but they do change a few to test customer reactions and see if they are worth bringing back.

Some of the most popular mixtures are vanilla with mango passion fruit, or chocolate and peanut butter—it tastes remarkably similar to a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

Fruity Italian ice flavors and stellar, swirly combinations are more commonly mixed with the vanilla custard.

Chocolate sorbet is the only chocolate flavor they have but it can be mixed with a variety of the Italian ice flavors such as strawberry, raspberry, orange, and horchata.

A chocolate crepe at Frostbites.

A chocolate crepe at Frostbites.

If you have never tried a crepe now is your chance because this is the perfect place to order one.

As soon as the crepe batter hits the hot griddle, be prepared to fall in love with its flapjack aroma.

Nutella, strawberry, banana are their most popular crepes recommended by customers and employees.

You can customize your crepe anyway you want.

They have a variety of totes-yummers toppings such as cheesecake, blueberry pie, powdered sugar and many more—if you are undecided, employees are happy to give a recommendation.

Why not have a drinkable dessert, such as a sorbet soda, sorbet shake, or a sorbet cream soda which are great as to-go orders.

Slushy lovers, meet sorbet soda; sorbet soda, meet slushy lovers.

Sorbet cream sodas are excellent for those who enjoy floats.

Ice cream cakes are perfect if you are planning a last-minute special occasion.

You can pre-order a cake of your choice, or buy one that is pre-made.

Lastly, Frostbites also caters and hosts fundraisers.

If you’re looking to work with them for a fundraiser, all you have to do is schedule a day by contacting them through their email at

Twenty percent of the purchases will go to your organization.

Frostbites is located in Riverside at 10347 Magnolia Avenue, 92505.

It is caddy corner to the Galleria Mall off the 91 freeway, Tyler exit.

As their website states, “the flavor is intense and the texture is soft and velvety but you have to taste it for yourself.”





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