From the pit of PABLO

unnamed-6By Gladys Oliva |Staff Writer|

Kanye West made a classic “Kanye entrance” at The Forum, in Inglewood on Oct.26 .

The Chicago born and raised artist opened up with the song “Father Stretch My Hands.”

His stage setup was unlike any live performance that has been seen before.

While performing his hit songs, West’s fans were right beside him and underneath him as he hovered over the crowd throughout the night.

The stage was attached to massive cables that would allow it to tilt down and move to one side of the venue all the way to the other, making every seat in the house a great seat.

The platform was lit with low key lighting and had orange beams that were shooting underneath the stage.

While West only had one dim spotlight on him and fog machines that took over the view and left fans to see his silhouette at certain points.

However, that didn’t stop the enthusiastic crowd which would assist him as he went acapella for the songs “Famous,” “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” “Touch the Sky,” and “Heartless.”

The Bass was cranked up to where the crowd could feel the floor shaking.

The fans in the pit were dripping sweat within the first couple of songs, later in the show shirts were taken off because of the heat.

Fans were running around the floor, jumping to the beat, and swaying side to side with each other.

The Saint Pablo Tour was filled with die hard fans that made it to the venue six hours early just to buy exclusive merchandise.

People followed trends that were inspired by West current style.

The apparel for the night consisted of lots of “dad hats,” jogger pants, and the well known Yeezy boost 350 shoes, which have a resale value of one thousand Dollars.

Also seen were items from West women’s fashion line, some ladies were brave enough to wear the high heels to ripped “Yeezus” t-shirts as they danced the night away.

Although there have been a lot of negative things going around the world, “The Pablo Tour” was a place where strangers that are part of the same community could gather together and feel like long time friends.

It would be more appropriate to call the event a huge dance party instead of a concert since fans that bought General Admission tickets were in mosh pits and celebrated the night with strangers.

It wasn’t just a place where all fans could unite under one roof, there were also big celebrities that made it to the concert like Drake, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Travis Scott, Liz Hernandez, and more.

The Saint Pablo tour was such a great experience, fans look forward for round two in late November.

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