Free Music Apps

By Misty Williams |Staff Writer|

If you are interested in finding new music for free, there are some very resourceful apps available for IOS and Android.

The first app is Soundwave, an app that is essentially the new Facebook or Twitter of music.

It is a social media site strictly for music, making it easy to come across new tunes.

The process is simple. You create a profile and it automatically begins to keeps track of all of the music that stream on sites like SoundCloud and YouTube.

You have the option of browsing other music fans’ profiles to discover new music similar to your taste.

Song of the Day, is a great app to come across the next big artist.

It focuses on one new song a day to get you acquainted with the history, sound and feel of particular underground artist.

In addition, the app gives you access to all of the previous songs that have been presented on song of the day, making the new music discoveries endless.

For hip-hop fans, there is a website and app called, Hot New Hip-Hop (HNHH).

This app gets updates on the newest music hourly; they get mixtapes, underground singles and even the latest scoop on your favorite artists.

The perk of HNHH is that it rates and filters the music based off listens and “HOTNESSSS”  of tracks to easily guide you to what songs are the best.

If your ever in a mood and want to listen to music that fits how you feel, 8tracks is a must have on your device.

This app introduces you to new music based off of the weather, how happy, sad or grouchy you are, it even has tracks that will fit whatever activity your currently engaging in.

It also has a feature where playlists are created based off one specific song.

You select one song and the app finds all of the other playlist different users have added that specific song to.

The application hosts a library that gives you access to 6.5 million tracks, plenty for you to love.

Rormix is an app with an interesting twist. Romix scans your music library and suggests new music and music videos for you to listen to based off the style of music already in your archive.

Similar to popular dating app Tinder, Romix lets you swipe right and swipe left through 15-second snippets of new music and music videos.

Fresh and new music is a difficult to come across, but with these apps, it is a lot easier to find things tailored to your liking without your search being overwhelming.


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