Free legal advice for students

By Antonio Sanchez |Staff Writer|

Student services are one of the major benefits a school can provide to its students. At CSUSB the College Legal Clinic (CLC) offers students a place to meet with lawyers in order to receive free legal advice.

Students who may be facing legal issues and would like to consult with a lawyer without paying out of pocket and visiting several law offices, can schedule an appointment to meet with one on campus for free.

“The average price of a similar consultation in the San Bernardino/Riverside counties is $30,” said Sarah Gass, a student who works at the CLC.

Students are also encouraged to attend Attorney Nights. These are special nights where attorneys specializing in a specific area of law, come to campus for those students who know which type of lawyer they would like to meet with.

The consultations are completely confidential, privacy is paramount, and the atmosphere of the clinic allows students to feel confident in sharing their personal information with their lawyer.

Lawyers do not sign any paperwork at the consultations, but do refer on a case-by-case basis to a lawyer specializing in the type of law that would better suit each individuals’ needs. This service is not only provided to registered students for free, but it is also available to staff and faculty at a small fee.

The CLC is a resource students and staff should take advantage of.

There are many situations students can find themselves in that would be better resolved with legal consult. These issues can range from: estate planning, custody of a child, DUIs, immigration, criminal, bankruptcy and so on.

In addition to those services, it can also be beneficial when involved in a car accident. Many daytime TV commercials advertise to victims of car accidents to contact a lawyer immediately. In the case of CSUSB students, this should be a high priority since the consultation is free.

Students should take advantage of all the benefits that are offered to them. Though many CSU campuses are facing financial hardships there are still services that are available to students completely free.

The CLC on campus is just one of those services our campus has kept in order to advance students in all facets of student life.

The CLC is located in the Santos Manuel Student Union in room 108E or you can directly contact their office at 909-537-5234.


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